Monday, December 2, 2013


Yay! Thanks for Dad's talk, I'm excited to read it. :)
I'm glad you got the pictures, too! I don't remember what picture I sent of Stacy, haha. But I'm sure it was a good one :)

Thanksgiving sounded fun! I don't know the Paradise's. They must've moved in after I left. They must be cool if you had them over to the house, tho. :) Our Thanksgiving was nice! Stuffed to the brim tho, @_@ tho we didn't get any stuffing DX I was upset haha. Most of the afternoon we spent at Stacy's house, actually. SOO funny haha. The Weavers (our ward-mission-leader and his family) came over with us and we played Uno and enjoyed the afternoon together :D I think Stacy was happy, since her only family closeby is her sister up in Rocklin. So, she got to entertain. Happy times :) we tried to teach her pinochle... but she wouldn't have any of it haha. I'M SO EXCITED TO PLAY CARDS AGAIN holy moses I can't even.

Doesn't dad usually get Thanksgiving Friday off? Glad it sounded like the Black Friday craziness didn't affect Craig too poorly lol.

@movies: I heard Frozen was amazing. Ack, so many things I need to catch up on and I'm NOT going to start talking about them here! *brick'd*

I'm glad the weather sounds happy. Is there any snow expected next week? I'm sure it'll be fine (it typically is), but I'm wondering how warm I'll have to dress when I get off the plane XD long sleeve, sweater, scarf. So far, that's all I have on my priority list haha. And comfortable shoes that I can run in if I have to. Haha I hear bad things about the Atlanta airport, but that might be cos my Floridian companion has been through it four-thousand times. But... we'll see!

Did Stacy send you a letter back? Cos I don't remember anything about her calling Illinois "snow country". Tho I guess compared to Cali, everywhere else is basically snow country hahaha.

When is the ward Christmas party?? Woodside's party is the 13th so I'll miss that one (it's polar express themed! PJs and all! It's a cute idea) so I'm hoping N2's isn't before I get there! I hope the Sisters can come too, I want to help them if I can :D and meet them. If the online thingy is up to date, it looks like one of the sisters has been there for a while... when are their transfers??

hahaha Payton got a haircut same as me! No pictures tho... you'll just have to wait and see ;D

So this week was good! Not a lot happening of yet; mostly just prepping and inviting and trying to get everyone out to the Christmas party in two weeks. I told most of the ward yesterday that I was leaving next week (I've been hiding it from them for the most part up 'til now)... but I said it a still roundabout way that only about half of them realized I was talking about leaving. (I have a good knack for being cryptic, don't I??) So most of them are happy for me. Stacy is sad, but happy that I'll get to be with y'all again. I told her when she goes through the temple I'd have to cart one of you out with me :3 but that's another year away, hahaha.

Still nothing with Caleb. I feel like with the holidays pending and such, it may be a while 'til we hear back about anything decisive. So we'll wait and see.

I'm still waiting to hear if Jessie is getting baptized on saturday, as well... If she is, I'm hoping to go up and get pictures and see her :) she was such a sweet lil' lady, I love her! On the edge of greatness.

Not much else; not much time either. D: never enough time.

THANKS FOR BEING GREAT!! I report to the mission office EARLY next week, so I'm not sure what will happen with emails. You may want to try just in case haha. But yeah, any letters sent past Thursday will prolly not get to me in time. In case anyone was wondering.

Excited for the last week! We're going to make it as productive as we can. Onwards and upwards!


Sister Nelson

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