Monday, December 31, 2012


Firstly, we're moving! The lady we live with wanted us to be out by the end of the transfer (Jan13), but the mission office decided we needed to be out tomorrow. So that's the plan!
Secondly, Christmas week is the worst; everybody goes out of town T_T.  But there are a lot of investigators that are SO CLOSE! A few even really really want to be baptized, but due to circumstances outside their control they can't :( So we're praying for them and putting their names on the temple roll. We'll manage.
I did get to see the corner of the mission today, too. Cross the street and you're done for! *dundundunnn* I took a picture haha.
Cool story though! One of our investigators, Sean, just got married to a member, Debbie, in November. (She's the one who helped me find a bassoon.) We've been going over to their house periodically and having a lot of contact with each other, which has been great. This week we asked if we could come over, and she said sure! Unbeknownst to us, her two daughters and their non-member hubbys were also there. We visited, played a scripture game (and one not.... *brick'd*), said a prayer, and left. The next day after sacrament, Debbie came up to us and told us about how one of her NM son-in-laws had visited with the missionaries in his area before (they're in Kansas normally) and he'd been turned off before by the missionaries. Too much pushing, he claims. So when Sean told him that we were coming over, he was understandably nervous and said he'd leave and come back later. But Sean stuck up for us and said that we were nice, friendly, and not forceful. Hurrah! So he really likes us and we are really excited! I think he knows the church is a good thing and he doesn't have any qualms with it, but it's one of those things where I think he'll be friendshipped into the church better than convinced into it. Kinda what Elder Oaks said in stake conference way back in May - "No one is ever threatened, forced, or blackmailed into the church - but they are all loved into it." I think that'll be key with Sean, and it's obviously working :) Plus, bringing that added measure of the spirit with us doesn't hurt either ;D
Other than that, it was a quiet week. We only had one to sacrament this week cos the rest were out of town :C so that was sad. Next week should be awesome though!
In terms of New Years, we need to be in by 6 tonight, unless we have a dinner appointment or a lesson, in which case we can be out 'til 7. Muhar! XD
I think that's about it. I'm frequently hitting the Panic Button every day... :) best present ever! hehe. I'll be sending a box home full of stuff, soon. And a letter. :D
I love you all! Thank you SOO much for your prayers for me, my companion, and our investigators! We really can feel them working in our behalf, and there is a lot of good things forthcoming! Thank you thank you ^_^
Sister Nelson


here's the new address for the next two weeks:
5953 Mareta Ln
Loomis, CA 95650

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