Monday, December 24, 2012


Hurrah, Eagle Scout! *pompoms* Yeah, we did a service project after our missionary conference on Friday. We did service after that and it was raining :D I forgot my gym shoes though so I did my best in my church shoes haha! We mulched. I did my best with a rake, but it didn't work super great. There were a lot of us though so we got everything finished quickly :)

Tell the Stradlings hello! I saw pictures of them in the ward box (yes, I know, I opened it already. I'm a terrible person. I LOVED the scriptures on the presents though! That was super cute and clever and awesome!). Also the top picture was of Bro. Halliday and Larsen. That cracked me up. XD I got your box too, but that remains unopened under our tree :)

Speaking of presents, the ward spoils us SO BAD. It's funny and humbling and holy moses I can't even. *brick'd* I have a particular present I have to tell you about on skype tomorrow, XD be sure to ask me about a necklace lol.

Did you get my Christmas card??

I did get Paca and Granna's card! <_< 

Anyway, we have a half p-day today so I gotta head. But this week has been super happy and great! We've been so busy I haven't been able to think about even missing home or anything. I still do miss our nerdiness and card games though. *brick'd*

But hey, I'll talk to you tomorrow! Literally :D

Sister Nelson

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