Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family! <3
for the record, we did show up our zone leaders >D *brick'd* The Lord's tender mercies are great, because we had 11 investigators at church!! and we found 3 new investigators this week that came to church with us :D The Lord is great and merciful to all his children <3
@Those pictures - if you got the ones with the five ladies (and I'm on the far left) - Sister Pilcher is next to me (she spoiled us for both Thanksgiving and Christmas *blush*), Sister Ripplinger's next to her, followed by Sister Stearn (recent convert as of '06ish I think) and then Veronica, a stellar investigator who waited on the grounds for the whole two hours we were in the session! She wants to be baptized so much, but there are some struggles with her family right now so she can't. We think she'll be baptized soon though, so definitely pray for her twofold!!
I'm planning on a flu shot later today, thanks. I had a cold this week, but nothing too bad. I think it might be allergy related, but I'm not sure yet. (Remember when I had those for the first week when I got out here? Haha.)
We're trying to be effective today with everything crazy having to happen today, but we'll do our best to get the post office. We're a popular bunch. XD
HOCKEY *brick'd* KEEP ME POSTED :D I'M EXCITED! but not as excited as I thought I'd be ¯\[°_O]/¯
ANYWAY, not a lot of time (gottapack) ... oops, I didn't mention. I'M TRANSFERING TO PARADISE! The Coldplay song has been stuck in my head for the last 12 hours. Dad's letter is probably long gone, but if you save it send it to the mission office! If not, I'll get it eventually. Sorry, I should've mentioned transfers sooner. I forgot with all the insanity going on.
I got to play bassoon in church yesterday! We played a really pretty arrangement of "Be Still My Soul". It was close though, we almost didn't get to play (apparently there's a history in that stake of people in wards trying to outdo each other with special musical numbers, so they've just axed them completely). We didn't know that until about ten minutes before sacrament though, so as expected I was frustrated and angry about the situation. Luckily we had planned to play with Debbie (I told you about her and her husband Sean in the letter last week, I think. Or the week before; one of those). She came and we told her what they had said, and she went to ask Bishop if we could still do it. Because of the late notice to us, and the fact that we had invited non-members to come (her husband and his friend, particularly) he said that we could! YAY, tender mercy! But there was another reason that we were allowed to play, and we found out after the 2nd hour: Cathy is a member in our ward whose husband, Tony, is trying the church out. When we talked to her after class, she said that she'd found that song - Be Still My Soul - for the first time this week and had never heard it in church before. She'd listened to it on repeat all week long, and her father had died early Saturday morning. The song really helped her with that, and it had touched her heart deeply. She told us that as she was getting ready that morning, she had prayed to hear that song in church somehow. "I know that you played that song today for me," she said. I have no doubt of that! And to think we almost weren't able to play it - wow! That hit me really hard - I always want to be close enough to the Lord so I can somehow be an answer to someone's prayer.
Yes. So there's that. My new companion will be Sister Loveland, in the Paradise 2nd ward. If you're looking on a map for it, it's kinda between Chico and Gridley (or, so they tell me). Stay tuned - I hear it's wooded, hilly, and full of old people :P
Thank you ALWAYS for your prayers! You're the best!
Sister Nelson

Jan 2013 Temple Trip

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