Monday, January 28, 2013


YAAAAY HAWKS *brick'd* Ohmygoodness that makes me so happy. I love the updates, thank you :) Are all of the players back from playing in Europe? I know you told me Hossa had four goals the other week, has he scored a ton more? How's Tazer? :D
Don't worry, I won't ever think that you've forgotten me. (And for the record, we're heading straight for the post office after this! I need stamps too so that helps haha.)
It would seem that my talent may have had an influence for sure on my call. In this area it's small and elderly, like the Beeri's said. (They WOULD have lived in Paradise XD They've been everywhere!) With that, we have 9am church now so it's REALLY hard for our investigators to come to church that early. As we discovered, our member Sister Sonntag found a bassoon! (I have this thing where I'll say people won't find one, just so I won't jinx it. So I dunno if it's a lack of faith or reverse psychology. *brick'd*) Anyway, we're hoping that because I'm playing bassoon in sacrament in a few weeks (the 10th), they'll be more willing to try to come and see and feel the spirit and be converted! So no, I don't think it's a coincidence at all. Besides, coincidences are angelic arrangements!
Woo, ice storms! There's one thing I don't miss about winter back there XD It's been about 50° every day since I got here, so definitely not freezing cold (only at night). So it's nice :)
Hooray for the missionaries! Tell them congrats for me! :D and YAY, Sisters~! Did they ask for referrals? What was their dinner thought about?
I'm glad Matt's having fun. Music is so much more interesting when you know how to have fun with it! (He told me the bassoonist is an awesome composer too, so there's another star for the bassoon class n_n)
Well, despite not having any investigators to church (9am, whyyy) we had a great week! We taught a ton of lessons and learned a lot from the scriptures and the spirit. We've been having a lot of right-places-right-time situations. For example, we went over to a less-active's house (the Green's) to check in on them and see how they were doing. We found that she has a super strong testimony about the gospel, but she works on Sunday so that's the only hang-up. It was funny though- towards the end she says to us, "By the way, who do I talk to about getting Katie (her 10 yr old daughter) baptized? She hasn't been yet." Let me tell you, it's startling when someone says that! I was completely unprepared for that (she's a child of record so she's on our ward list) so Sister Loveland and I both gaped for a minute before we explained that because she's over 8, we get to teach her! So we're going back on Tuesday to teach the first lesson and set a baptismal date with her :3 Hooray! I love it when that happens ^_^
@Dad: I remember you were born in Cali somewhere - where exactly? I was trying to remember and don't think I ever properly knew. :D
Anyway, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHAAANG! You're all great and I'm so thankful for your prayers and all that you do for me while I'm out :) and for the Lord! cos that makes all the difference!
Sister Nelson

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