Monday, March 11, 2013


Ick, colds. No fun! Glad you're better :) Aha, sounds like an interesting experience with the bees for sure. I showed my companion and she was cracking up that you used the word "promiscuous" XD 

Aw, poor hawks. They'll be fine though, having won "half" their season. :D

Well, I gotta scoot real fast, but here's a quick run down of our AWESOME week! (We had something great happen every day!) Tuesday: we had exchanges! I tromped around Chico with none other than Sister Brown :D Hooray! Wednesday: We had zone meeting, so we got together and talking about awesome things! then we went to sushi with the zone. yum. Thursday: We had two fabulous lessons! First was with Iris, who we've been meeting with on and off since November. She had a copy of the Book of Mormon already, and she started asking all kinds of questions and so we launched off into the first lesson. Winrar! We had an awesome follow-up lesson with Dottie too, and she's continuing to pray about being baptized. :) Friday: We had a dinner with the Relief Society! we sang and had so much fun. And our investigator Larry came! Yay! Saturday we had our conference. WOOHOO! Elder Neil L. Andersen spoke to us! We talked about repentance and how that's really the thing we need to help the people understand, that it becomes a pattern of living and the way we truly become converted to Christ. :3 Sunday was ward conference, too! We talked about the temple, and it was great despite not being able to go to the temple ;~;

anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL! Sorry I didn't have more time, we'll see what great things the Lord has in store for us this week :3

Sister Nelson

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