Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear ones! Hellooo! <3
I'm sorry it's dry out there! :C Look at it this way, it's not going all crazy cos it knows you won't be able to take care of it. So it's just trying to survive so next summer when you're back to normal you'll be able to deal with the growth and stuff :D You're a trooper. ^_^ Also, I think I'm going to try going to Walmart and printing pictures off my camera so you can get those. I know my SD card is 4G, so hopefully it won't get full any time soon. I still have pictures from when me and the boys went to mythbusters, haha! Meant to get those off beforehand, heh. Oh well.
This week was great! I don't know if you've ever heard of these before, but we helped organize what we've called a 40 day fast, where a family in the ward will take turns fasting every day for 40 days. That started yesterday and we've already started to see fantastic things! There was a man named Andrew who moved into our ward, and he had Mormon friends from where he came from, and they told him if he'd call the Bishop they'd send Elders to help him move in. So he called and said, "I heard you have Elders that'll help me move!" and Bishop said, "We have Sisters? We'll send some people though!" So the Elders Quorum went over to help and we went to go see him yesterday to go meet him and see what was up. He said he and his family were gonna drop by our church and see what it was like, but they had a mix-up of days (he thought yesterday was Saturday so they didn't get to go that day). But we offered service with moving in and asked him if we could teach his family and he said yes! We didn't set up an appointment though, he needed to double check with his wife what time and whatnot but they want to come to church next Sunday so hopefully we will see him then :D It was awesome! Fasting is so great. And the members are so awesome here, they're so willing to jump right in to the work and help us out. :D
I also gave a talk in church yesterday! It was fun. Although I was slightly disappointed when my Bishop texted me to ask if I would. It was kinda lame... like being asked out on a date over a text. Just lame! Don't ever do that, yick! Anyway, I talked about developing talents! I talked about mom and her flowers and bees :) There are several beekeepers in our ward, too. They keep asking me what kind of bees you have, and I go "... honey bees? I know she got her queen from Hawaii! :D?" and they just kinda look at me and go "Well sure, but there are several kinds of honey bees!" and I just give them a blank look and shrug. SO, what kind of bees did you have? Cos those were the kind that swarmed, right? XD Any idea what they are now?
Oh yeah! That belatedly reminds me, remember when I said 22 deacons? I lied; that's just one quorum. There's more like 40 in total. And there's nearly 95 Elders and High Priests. @.@ So big! Most of them are gone for summer though, so it feels like a slightly bigger version of our ward. I don't know that I'll still be here for when everyone gets back for school... Although I guess that's at the end of August, and I don't potentially transfer 'til the beginning of September. We'll see!
The days are so long it feels like ages have passed by the time I get to email you again. And, of course, by the time I do sit down at a computer, my brain shuts down and I've forgotten what it was I wanted to tell you. Curses!  Also, for everyone: In my district meeting this week (that's where all the Elders and Sisters in the area come together for training and teaching), we talked about obedience to commandments. They issued us a question to send home so we could hear experiences from everyone! So the question is this: how have you been blessed by obeying [x] commandment? Yes, there's not a specific one. You can pick. :D Let me know! I'd love to hear from y'all!
@my RG friends: I want you to know I've just found someone who types on the keyboard louder than I do. It's way worse than my taka-taka-taka, it sounds more like a typewriter: TA-CLICK-TA-CLICK-TA-CLICK. And she giggles at the end of every sentence. Just thought I'd share cos it's super hysterical. Haha!
I hope everything continues to be awesome for everyone. I gotta scoot, I'm running out of time and we still have to go to the store so we can get stuff for a peach cake that we got a recipe for. Yum.
I love you bunches! Thank you for your prayers, I see the blessings coming from them all the time! <3 <3
Sister Nelson

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