Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm okay with two emails, but it looks like today was a late day too :P  I got the birthday card though! It's lovely, thank you :3 I got IL Granma's card too, I will be sure to send her a thank you note. I think I will send one to both address for her and Paca, just in case. The Hatches also wrote me and told me they went to dinner with you. I bet that was fun :D Did you wear your hat? I'm sorry to hear about the peach tree. Are there really any branches left for them to break? They're in season out here and lots of members have trees too, so we've been able to have some. Zuchinni too; I've been impressing people with my bread-making skill. Hehe. The skirts fit lovely, by the by. ^_^ The greenish skirt has more blue in it than my green shirt, so I just bought a plain one at Walmart today. Once it gets cold I'll be able to match my cream shirt/sweater with it :D or the blue shirt with the sweater. Or something. I'll get creative. Haha! I'll print pictures at Walmart probably next week and send them off, since I'm probably not going to be able how to figure out how to get the pictures sent to you digitally. Meh. :)
So your bees are Italian and the queen was from Hawaii? Strange mix, that. Haha!
My birthday was awesome yesterday! My companion was such a cutie, she wrote little notes on colored paper and hid them all over the house (distractingly enough when my back was turned, haha). So it was like Easter in July. XD Also, Sister Pulsipher, the primary president, has a son out on a mission and his birthday was yesterday too! So she had me come in and get sung to, both for me and her son via proxy :P It was cute. I did a little dance and all the kids we saw the rest of the day remembered it was my birthday. We even had cake at the member's house that night, it was so nice of them :D I thanked them muchly. It was a really good day! I thought about you and hoped it was nice for you, too.
So for as empty as Rocklin's been for the past month, it's reportedly going to get worse. I don't know how that's possible, but we're busy enough trying to get things ready for our musical fireside at the end of the month. Hopefully it'll be relaxed enough that people will bring their friends so they can feel the spirit and want to learn more :) So we've got plenty to keep us going. It'd be nice to teach though, for sure. But y'know, time and season for all that, even people. Hehe.
Transfers are this week! I'm not going anywhere. Yay! Six more weeks in Rocklin 1st ^_^ who knows after that, but the address you have now will still be good. After this transfer it might change, so if you've given the specific address to anybody, it'll change at some point. Sending it to the mission office in Antelope will always get to me though, otherwise it might take forever to find where I've gone :P But anyway. For now, it's still valid.
This week I've been reading in Alma! I got up through Ammon, too. He's a stud. Haha! It was pointed out to me though that it's a really humble thing that Ammon did, cos after he cut off their arms he didn't take them back to King Lamoni on his own and say, "Look what I did, you should listen to me!" Instead, it was his faithfulness and diligence that impressed King Lamoni, not so much the fact that he killed a bunch of guys and lopped off multiple arms. I also thought it was interesting that when Ammon went to go protect the flock, he was thinking he'd be able to use the experience so he could persuade the other servants he was with - he wasn't even thinking about talking to the king at that time. Just goes to show that there's no saying how far our actions can take us. :)
Well since it's the last day of the transfer, our p-day activity is going to be bringing our journals so we can get addresses of the other Elders and Sisters in our zone. I bought a cute little one at Walmart this morning, it's got Mickey on it :D It makes me think of Dad :3 I'm hoping in the midst of that though we can do a whipped cream toss, just cos those are fun and I did that on my birthday last year. Haha! Yay! I'm thinking the Elders will be for it, they're always for food ;P
I love youuuu!! I hope everything is awesome! Chemo included! And if Craig could send me his mtc/mission address, that'd be great. It's just difficult to write without an address, hey? ;P
Hope to hear from you soon! I love you!!
Sister Nelson

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