Monday, July 23, 2012

This week was pretty good, although somehow harder than the others so far. The whole of Rocklin is still gone for summer; I can't wait for school to get back in on the 20th. Then tracting and contacting won't be so terribly empty. Bah. Although we did think of a way we could possibly get around the gated community! Well, through it. We're hoping to get some sisters (or brothers I guess too) to start walking with us in that area, so when we stop to talk to someone they won't think we hopped the fence or something. We're going to start that Friday so hopefully that'll go well! I told my companion about it and she said I was pretty creative for coming up with that and getting what I want, XD Our ward mission leader said I was sneaky too, but I don't think it's sneaky. I was trying to come up with a way to contact in there without being all sneaky and suspicious and that's what I came up with. ¯\[°_O]/¯ Haha!
Our district is gonna go bowling today for our p-day activity. I'm going to limit myself to one game so I don't hurt my arms too much, so hopefully we'll still be able to play and whatnot. We played volleyball last week, and I was so sore. It was so worth it though, even though I couldn't really walk or kneel or anything for three days afterwards ^^; (I wouldn't advise that.)
In other news I got the box on Wednesday!! The skirts are beautiful, mom! You have great taste :D I'll take pictures and send them home sometime, I think it's impossible to put pictures on the library's computer without a cord. Alas. Is Craig going to get a camera? Is he going to use it once he gets it? Hehe. Thanks for the brownies too! They're really good with the M&Ms on top :3 The music is great! We've got quite the variety for the car now. I think the other music I asked for is on my external harddrive, so that's probably why you didn't find it. You don't have to go digging in there, I'm okay with what I have. :)
The end of my first six weeks is next Sunday! (My birthday! Woo!) So far I don't think either of us are transferring, so we'll be in Rocklin for another six weeks before somebody goes. Although I've heard of other sisters in the mission who've been in their area for six months or more, so maybe I'll end up being one of those! I doubt it, but it could happen. We'll see!
My companion called me a "designated plunker" this week, XD She said that cos we've been trying to get things set in stone for our musical presentation thing for non-members next month, so we're trying to advertise and get our singers on board. We've been toying around with different music as well, so since I can sightread pretty well I "plunk" the melodies and parts and all that. Hence, a plunker. Haha! It's pretty funny. We're still looking for a bassoon though, although I'm not really sure that anybody really knows where to look for one. It's kind of a weird instrument to borrow. Hopefully one will turn up though! I have all these reeds now that need love! ;D
@Craig:  Anyway, are you going to send me your MTC and mission home address so I can write you? If you don't want me to write you that's cool too. At least you won't have to fly to your mission, you'll probably just end up taking a bus there. Haha :D Is your mission pres President Winn (sp?)? President Weston knows him, then! It's a small world, what can we say. Haha. Read PMG if you already have one! If you don't, read the BoM! Like for real though, that's where all your power will come from! But read PMG, that will teach you the how-to-do that. Experience helps too, but in the abscence of that it'll be good with PMG.
Something I learned this week from my studies was in Alma... I think chapter 2. Maybe 3. But there's a story in there about Amlici who wants to be a king so he goes to war with the Nephites. Alma (the younger) leads his people and end up fighting head-to-head with Amlici! We're told to liken ourselves to the scriptures, so I thought about if President Monson had to lead us to war and fight people with a sword. Haha! Super silly, but that's what I thought of. I think Alma was young at the time though, so that definitely helped. XD Anyway! They're fighting, and then Alma calls on the Lord and basically asks Him to help strengthen him to slay Amlici so his people would be preserved. It's only then that the Lord strengthens him and helps him beat Amlici. We have to always remember to call on the Lord to strengthen us; definitely not to slay people, that'd be bad. But if we pray for Him to help us with righteous desires (thinking outside ourselves, etc.) then there's nothing He won't help us with. :D
Anyway, I can't think of anything else so I better finish up. I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week! Write me about it! :)
Sister Nelson

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