Monday, August 20, 2012

Yay for the MTC! I told a few people this week that my brother was reporting to the MTC this week and they were all amazed. "Oh, so your mom will have two missionaries out at the same time!" Yessum, but wouldn't the abundance of blessings make you wish we were out for longer? :P It'll still make the holidays quiet though. <_<
I'm glad you're feeling better!  Also, yum honey!
Hm, that's an interesting talk subject. How's he doing home alone? Although if he's off in marching-band-land he has enough to think about. I'll ask him again when the holidays roll around. Haha! Hm. The only thing that's coming to mind is the popularity of Alma 60:6 if missionaries go for long enough without a letter, but I don't think that will be too much of an issue for me. I have good family & friends :) But yeah, a few people in this ward ask what kind of things I like to get in letters, so I've at least thought about it! I like hearing about what's going on at home (or for the friends, what they've been doing with their time), just the different things people are doing and how they're feeling. There doesn't always have to be a spiritual thought tagged on the end, although I'd consider that a bonus if there is. Aside from letters, prayers are always a plus! I can for sure see the miracles that come from them, just pertaining to things working out and ending up in the places where we need to be. Letting me know that you love me is a strength to me, too. It's one less thing to worry about.
Hey, it's Kit's birthday on Wednesday! I dunno if you're friends with her on facebook, but could you post a happy birthday to her from me? :3 (I'd send her a letter, but I don't have her address memorized, woe!)
So I heard from bff Don the other day about hockey happenings. Still nothing big for the Blackhawks from what it sounded like. Just Oduya (o-didja? *brick'd*) getting resigned. And a couple trades. Yay? Is anybody gonna keep me up to date once the season starts? :3
How long are these blog excerpts of mine? Lyra asked me if I update those but I don't; I can't even look at them :D It's okay though, I have plenty else to focus on.
This week we have a mission conference! Yay! We're going to hear from Elder Cardon, one of the 70 I think? I could be wrong. But he's going to come and speak to us and it'll be awesome. Remind me to tell you about it next week :D They're grouping the mission by halves for this, so it'll be half the mission per two days of the conference. So fun! I'll probably get to see half my MTC district too, so that'll be good.
Well, this morning I read the last few chapters in Helaman! There was a short recount of the prophesies of Samuel the Lamanite, where he's talking about signs of his birth and death. When Christ is born into the world, there's a period of two days where it stays light outside. When he dies, Samuel said there'd be a period of three days of darkness, turbulence, calamaties, etc. I love the symbolism with that though! Christ signifies light and knowledge, so it makes sense that the sign of his birth is light coming into the world, and the sign of his death is the light going out of the world. So good! I scriptures are full of stuff like that, I love it n_n
Anyway, I've gotta be going. You'd think one would be able to relax on p-day, but it's never the case. Alas! I can sleep when I'm dead, eh? :P
Sister Nelson
(P.S. @Matt- I'm glad to hear your "sectionlings" are doing fantastic :P)
(P.S. @Craig- so how's the MTC? :D)

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