Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yay! I was wondering about the boundary stuff all this weekend. What'd they do with Woodridge? Dad mentioned them in his letter last week, and they were the only one I was wondering why they were going. <_< But I figured Oswego was gonna get ripped and frazzled a bit. Plainfield is probably enjoying that boost in numbers, eh? :)
Not much time left for the chemo now, at least. Hang in there! You're close to the finish line! The last time will be the last Friday in August, is that right? That's close to the end of my transfer here (the last day will be Sept. 9). I know it's not fun, but it will keep you better off in the long run. Rosemary could probably tell you that :) (tell her hi for me!) And eat lots of broccoli! Hehe. My companion has to go to a chiropractor for stuff, and we're trying one right now that does a lot of muscle testing; or rather, he listens to your muscles to determine what your body needs (emotional help, dietary stuff, etc.). He says I'm a high-estrogen type so I need to be good friends with broccoli and cauliflower and things like that or (surprise!) I'm at a higher risk for breast cancer. Weird, huh? Especially since he doesn't know about your situation. But yep, broccoli and I are going to be great friends. Haha! Although now that I think about it that may not help you o_o'' but um... nevermind. *brick'd*
I don't know about a bassoon still. I think there are some people looking, but I think we're trying to get our program set in stone as well as we can right now, so since we don't have a bassoon yet it's likely not going to be in. But that's okay, I have reeds for when the situation arises :)
So since I've come out here, I've discovered that everyone thinks we're Jehovah's Witnesses at first glance. Haha! So it's not uncommon to have people cross the street than talk to us. We try to say hello and be polite in every case. I've learned that sometimes, when you see the look of I-really-don't-wanna-talk-to-you, it's better to have a good conversation with them. It's pretty easy to tell when they're up for a conversation or not. It's still good to try to throw in the gospel in the conversation somewhere, even if it's just a little part of it.
Also, I just remembered, and I don't know if I ever told Dad, but getting a letter in the mail each week is awesome! I like emails too. If I had to pick one I wouldn't, cos it's nice to have something to read when you get online, but it's a nice perk to have something to read in the middle of the week, too. So, y'know. There's that. Also, I still don't have Craig's addresses.....!!! Also, it's a long shot, but if he ends up in zone 3, he'll have the same branch president and whatnot as me :D Teachers too. It's a shot in the dark since there's so many zones there (three districts per zone, four zones per floor, three floors per building, prolly 9 buildings to pick from... you can do the math). BUT, I thought I'd mention it.
I'm into the war chapters in Alma! Just started them this morning :D I decided that Moroni can be pretty fiesty, even in the first little bits of meeting him. I'm more impressed with the soldier in chapter 43, though - Moroni gives Zarahemnah an ultimatum, and Zarahemnah gets mad and charges at Moroni. But a soldier standing nearby parries swords, breaks Zarahemnah's sword at the hilt, and swipes off part of his scalp! Zarahemnah slinks off and the soldier proceeds to give a short speech to the Lamanites that they should throw down their weapons or be chopped to pieces like Zarahemnah's scalp. He saved many a Lamanite life that day, since a lot of them did surrender and go live with the people of Ammon. But just think of what would've happened if the soldier didn't have the courage to protect Moroni and do that! There would've been a lot of unneccessary bloodshed. And just like him, we all need to have that courage to jump in and do what we need to do to help someone out, whether it be sharing the gospel or just serving them. :D
Well, I've gotta hurry and finish up. I love you lots!! Best of luck to Craig while he finishes everything up, and Matt that he'll be home, forever alone :P hehe.
LOVE <3,
Sister Nelson

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