Monday, August 27, 2012

Hihi! :D
@Craig:  Totes jealous that the other half of your district is going to Canada. Warn them that it will be cold. I knew someone from Edmonton... they said at times it got so cold, they'd spit and it'd be frozen before it hit the ground. Just be glad you're not going there :D *brick'd*
Anyway, this week was ossum! We had our miracle presentation yesterday, and... surprise! We found a bassoon! After I went and looked at it I realized why Heavenly Father didn't let me have one 'til three days before, I was too giddy and couldn't really focus on much else ^^; so I'm not sure that I'll be doing that again any time soon. Everyone who came adored it though, so I'm glad I could teach people about what on Earth the bassoon is too :P And the spirit was super strong! So that was definitely a pro as well. The 40-day fast was fantastic, I'm really sad to be finishing that. Our ward was so excited to have something to invite their friends to. n_n
This week we visited a pseudo less-active couple (they're only pseudo cos they travel like always) but we got to talking about our families! She was asking me about what Dad did, so I told her administration and budget stuff in a hospital (and I never really know how to answer that; any help, Daddy-o?). It was kinda random, but she got this little twinkle in her eye and said, "You must be proud of him." And y'know, I really am. And I'm super thankful for the example of hard-work he's always given me, and the dedication he's given to everything, especially the Lord. There's never been a question in my mind about my Dad and the church, and I'm really thankful for that. So, I just wanted to tell you Dad, I'm proud of you. :)
Speaking of hard work, people have complimented me before on being a hard-worker, which I think is semi- surprising, cos I wouldn't have put myself under that category before I came out here. Missions are good for teaching you thinks like that though, eh? :) I guess I just needed to prove it to myself.
We had our half-mission conference this week! Which means half the mission got together and had a fun ol' meeting :D It was really good though, Elder Cardon of the presidency of the 70 (I think?) came to talk to us and it was awesome! It was really good, and helped us realize that the reason we have people get baptised is because we help them realize the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Along with that he focused on the point that people only have to have enough faith unto repentance - that's where the HG comes in. We aren't cleansed by our deeds or by saying sorry and meaning it. The HG has the power to cleanse us, and that's why it's so important to have the HG with us so we can really become better and use the Atonement. It's just not possible to progress without it!
So the conference was fantastic, obviously. :)
So yep, this is another epistle of Paul kind of letter. Enjoy it. Haha! And thank you as always for the letters and love, I really appreciate it :)
I pray for you often!! I love you!!!
Sister Nelson
p.s. @Craig: would your fire hydrant do better if I gave you a straw? :D I was gonna tell you something else, too... but I forgot. So um, what district are you in? are you in one of the new buildings, or the old ones? (if you have an actual desk, the answer is new.) what's your branch president like? have you gone to TRC yet? It's frightening, isn't it! Chin up, shoulders back, spout love at everyone you talk to :D
p.s. @Matt: soooo how's everything? I hear about you through mom, but I'd like to hear from you too plz =D (also send me jokes, since you're the one on the computer. kthxbai!) <3

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