Monday, October 15, 2012

A very merry unbirthday to youuuu~!
Yaaay, box! Thank you so much :D I told my companion you were thinking of sending one and she's been as excited for me to get it as I was. Haha! I shared candy with her and we've been munching on the Tootsie rolls... which has already caused issues, we sent some through the washer on accident this morning *brick'd* it wasn't too bad though, thankfully. :)

Woo, Sister missionaries!! :D They're the bomb-diggety! We're thinking we'll see a big spike in 3-5 months, so we'll see. At present we have 25 Sisters in our mission, so we'll see how that goes. Excitement! Btw, I've been keeping an eye out for an Elder Tagget, but I think he may be serving up north somewhere so we'll probably not see each other unless he transfers down here. (There's an Elder Taggert, too. Confusing.) ANYWAY, our Sisters Training/Conference was awesome! I got to see all the Sisters in the mission, which meant I saw Sister Tittle again :D Hooray! It was so fun. We learned a lot about service and compassion, and how by serving the people in our area (and our companion!) more things will come from it! n_n it was really inspiring.

Who's on the Lord's Side, eh? I'd pick 2/4, fast or slow. Once at the beginning and once in the middle. I'm sure nobody minded if you were swapping around though. :P

I did know Alyse was expecting! Yaaay! Congrats to her :D and speaking of the dog I miss him :< Luckily I meet four-thousand dogs every day (not kidding) so I get my fair share of love and shedding hair... Thank you for getting a shed-less dog. (Also, as far as her shower, aren't they "plainfield" people now? Since the ward got shredded and all? lol) And Debbie! Hi, Debbie!

There were a lot of funny things that happened this week. One of them happened while we were doing service! We were at a woman's house, and she has a spinal-leak so she's not able to stand up for a long period of time... so we invited ourselves over to wash her windows! They hadn't been washed in five years though so there were tons of spiderwebs caked on them. Ain't no thang, all the ones we saw were dead. (OR SO WE THOUGHT!) So we start cleaning and whatnot, and all of a sudden Sister Fonua starts yelling, "Step on it, step on it!" So I turn around and see this BIG OL' FAT HAIRY SPIDER (definitely the size of a quarter T_T ) crawling towards me! I start screaming and it stops moving - either it was paralyzed by my lungpower or it was terrified too; potentially both - and I stomp on it. We realized later it was a black widow. *freakout* Sister Fonua laughed at me a bit, she said she'd never heard me scream that loud. And I thought I was a spider-slayer. *failsauce*

Among the other funny things that happened this week (accidental off-roading, being casually flipped off by an old dude [though we think we caught it out of context], having a nerf-gun war), the spiritual things were so great! The Lord is doing great things here through the members, and the longer I'm out the more I realize that it really cannot be done without both sides actively working and looking for people to teach. Two missionaries can do what they can to find and teach on their own, but it goes so much faster and more effectively if the ward's at their back, fellowshipping and finding with them. If the ward helps out, well, that's 100+ people looking for seekers at the same time! If you were out to find someone lost in the countryside, having as many people to help look would get the job done faster - and if there's a small window of time that they could be found, it's more likely it'll happen if there's lots to help. Same with this work! Doors are opening up everywhere and it has been fantastic.

@Dad: I remember you were asking about where we live, and we live with a non-member Rose. (I can't remember what faith she claims.) Through different events she was invited by her bff-Mormon friend to house them, and they've been with her ever since. She loves us and we love her!! She is one of the cutest, kindest, loving people I've ever met, and she takes such good care of us as if we were her own kids :3 That said she has the furnishings of a real kitchen, so that's definitely a plus. Haha! We have dinner with her once a week, and we have good times together. ^_^

I don't think we'll be able to go to our Halloween party :< Pres. Weston wants all the missionaries to be in at 6 so they don't get caught out with all the drunk people (or other crazy things that could potentially happen on Halloween). So, I think we're going to end up staying home and passing out candy to all the chilluns that come to the door (or just eating it all ourselves, whichever happens first). It'll be good though! Mama Rose has lots of cards so we might play. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, I've spent way too long on this so I've gotta be scooting. I love youuuu! Thank you always for your prayers, both for me and our investigators!! Things are changing and going great <3

LOVELOVELOVE and blessings!
Sister Nelson

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