Monday, May 13, 2013

FAMILY! *glomp*

Ohhhmygosh it was so awesome to hear from you all last week!! That was the perfect ending to the week. Ahh. Refreshing. :)

I did get a letter from Matt, so that was happy :D I was really happy I got on early so I could at least talk to him for a couple minutes.... *brick'd*

Aah! Star Wars day! That's also the anniversary of my going through the temple for the first time :3 good times. I'm soooo looking forward to lego star wars again. /trunky I promise I'm not this bad all the time, haha. Just on Mondays. ^^; (also, omg wookie of the year. XDXD) 

Yaay, warm weather! I was thinking about that yesterday after I got off the phone and I thought it was a little later than usual for cold stuff like this. Nuts. But it'll warm up soon and then everyone will be wishing for cooler weather. There's always something. 

ALSO, YAY REDWINGS. I'd much rather face them oldies than the Sharks. The Sharks/Kings would be an interesting matchup, I wish I'd be home to see all that. Tivo all the games you caaan! *is having withdrawls* man, this is the most exciting time of the year and I'm missing it all @_@ alas. good sacrifice. And anyway, the long break won't hurt. Even if they lose the first it'll get the fire under them and they'll bounce back hard :D *clapclap!*

As far as the work went this week, holy freak this was one of the hardest weeks of my liiiiiiife. Also depressing. We had a super awesome (and really long o.o) lesson with Dottie this week, and we were able to help her address some of her concerns about baptism and everything- it ended up coming to a point where she said if she didn't have a panic attack in the middle of the night (they're frequent, so it was a legitimate concern), she'd be baptized. SOOOO we were so excited! But the next day she texted and said that baptism was too big of a commitment and she wasn't going to go through with it. (?!?!?) So after much confusion, we texted her back and asked her if she had a panic attack. She said no- she'd had dreams of different colored fabric and buttons and also golden haired people and children. Cue flail and depression. TT_____TT so yeah. That was really hard. Urk. So.... yeah. There were lots of things that we learned from that, but we were able to talk to the other sisters in Chico and get feeling better. Friends are great for that kind of thing. 

That was the major highlight (or lowlight?) of the week. The other was getting honey as the mother's day gift. Coincidence? Mebbe not. :3

So yes. I love you!! Thanks for being awesome! <3 

Sister Nelson

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