Monday, May 6, 2013

Dearest family!

Cute new email, mom :D very fitting. haha! glad your birthday went well! I
was thinking about you that day. It was funny, actually- we have a lady in
our ward (who just recently went through the temple for herself :D :D ) and
her birthday was on Friday, too! so we had dinner with her and had a nice
evening. I was thinking about you the whole time. :3 we're actually going
to go see her again today- they taught us how to play Mexican Train, a
domino game, and it was SUPER FUN! You should look into it, it's way fun :D
They say to make sure you get the double-dot color version, though. I'm
sure you could figure it out :)

I got the package! YAY! Thanks! The CDs are exactly what I wanted :) I saw
they were already opened- did you rip them and include them in your
library? They're good choices ;D the skirt is beautiful! 

RIP ash tree. T___T

Yay! School's out! (Soon.) Sounds good to be busy. Are you and Dad going to
be up to much also?

Hawks Hawks~ <3 it's funny, a couple took us out to eat this last week on
Wednesday, and on one of the TVs where we were eating was pre-game for the
Sharks/Canucks. Oh it was so hard to not have my head glued to that screen!
*fail* I don't know which I'd have, either. D: Is there a possibility of
not playing either? haha!

Yay, Sisters! Are they just over 2nd ward now, or do they still cover both?
(Haha, I had a super funny mental image of Dad grilling with an umbrella.
He could make it work, I'm sure. XD )

@Bro Hawe- Yay! He's a super great guy. He's super into history and loves
digging around- he's been called as a stake historian, which I don't even
know if that's a thing in most places. He's very nice and proper too- he
makes me think of a gentlemanly British man sans accent. His wife is fun
too, very nice :) I think you'd like them! You could definitely ask :)

Also, I talked to President Weston and he said he'd prefer if all calls
could be on Mothers day if possible. So you have the 1pm schedule now
(right?) and we have the 9am, so... in central time zone, we would be
starting church at 11am, so that crosses out all time from 11-4 for church
and whatnot, so I'm thinking that we could call when you get back from
church. so 4:30ish for you? (Since Matt has a concert, right?) That's
2:30ish for me, and we'll definitely be available. We'll try to ask the
Hunts if we can skype at their house (we live with them :D ) and they have
a computer we could probably use. We'll figure it out. But hopefully that
time works for you? If not, uh... well, if not just shoot me an email and
I'll look at it next Sunday and just hang 'til then. :D

Hokay. This week was good! A couple weird things (mostly having to do with
feeling down about ourselves- sometimes you just want to change the world,
but you can't... and then everything falls through. lamesauce.), BUT! There
were two supah awesome things. Firstly, remember Les? He's the referral
that we went to go contact, and he invited himself to church and has been
coming every week since. Well, this week we dropped by to visit him and in
the middle of the conversation said, "Yeah, I think I'll probably end up
being Mormon. I feel the most peace in your church." We about died, haha!
Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to invite him for a specific date, so
we're planning on doing that this week. Yay! :D So excited!
And then the second awesome thing was Dottie! We were going to try to
invite her to be baptized this week, but... we didn't. HOWEVER, we did
invite her to go see a baptism! We've tried to do that before, but she'd
said no for whatever reason. Well, on Saturday we texted her a reminder
about it, and she texted back to say that she wanted to go! You should have
seen us, jumping around at our house and just being so excited about it :D
There's a special spirit at baptism that has the potential to change
everything, so that's why we try to invite investigators to baptisms.
Anyway, we found out later that she was supposed to dog-sit for her son who
lives in Chico, but she had just gotten a call from him saying he didn't
need her to dog-sit anymore. She was feeling kinda bummed since she was
looking forward to it, but then we texted! She said she wanted to go
because she knew that it would help her feel better, and happier! So we got
her the address and she met us there. (Also, sidenote, she said at one
point she didn't know if it was one way or the other on a street, so she
made a decision and just went with it. Of course she "happened" to go the
right way- we all determined that the Spirit was directing her and helping
her get to the building so she could see a baptism. Sweet!) It was SO
great, and I hope that something that was said there made a difference to
her. We'll try again this week to invite her to be baptized.

Great things are happening! I'm so grateful and happy to be here. And I'm
so excited to TALK to you next Sunday! Hurrah! I can't wait :3 Someday I'll
be able to talk to Craig too... hah. Christmas.

Also, I'm coming up on my year-mark. When did that happen?! Didn't it just
feel like I just STARTED this thing?? Crazy. Time is such a weird thing!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for being awesome and everything! I'm grateful for
your support, your letters, your love, and your prayers! Keep 'em coming :)

Sister Nelson

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