Monday, May 20, 2013


HI!!! <3

So as I said to Matt in his letter today, the Elders and lady who lets us email are all entertained that within seconds of opening up my email, I'm in giggles. Apparently they think it's hilarious. But I don't care! I'm just trying to make a point here :3

I hope so about Dottie. It was just beyond devastating. Boo. Someday... but probably not while I'm around. 

Yes, you told me that you found a lot of volumes for Bro. Hawe! He told me yesterday he doesn't think he'll be able to swing out near Chicago, but hey. Good effort :) hope those high-place friends work out! Off topic, but yesterday we were talking to him about some records needing to be moved, and offhand he said, "Okay, I'll get this figured out this week, just don't come to me with more of these next week, it's going to be busy in here!" We were confused and asked him why it was going to be busy, and he said, "Well, everyone's going to be busy. Trust me!" so... we'll wait to see what things are awaiting us next week. ;D but don't spread that around, hahaha! 

yay, hive! glad it was warm enough to get it in. And that's good it's nice and close, too. :) and booooo bunnies. at least you don't have to deal with deer. I happened to mention to people we had bunnies die in our window wells all the time, and they all said, "and you didn't save them??" and then I realized we sounded like terrible people. :D I still regret nothing!

ooh! self-defense! I had a companion teach me a move, where you got out of a stranglehold and then grabbed the back of their knee and sat down. takes the wind right out of their sails! I didn't get to practice it much, but it was fun while we did it haha. ohh man I would've LOVED to see you and Sis. Holyoak go at it :) hahaha you're like heads above everyone else too, so that doesn't help her much hehehe. oh well. good for her to be so enthusiastic!

... speaking of seminary graduation, did I even go to mine? I feel like I didn't. Or if I did, I was really not paying attention. I don't think I've ever really been at one of those. Man, how noncommittal do I sound like I was when I was a teen? sheesh XD

I hope Dad isn't sad I didn't send a card D: I'll have to rectify that.

SOOO this week was SO GREAT! Well, not all around great, but here's a super awesome experience! Cos it's awesome! Okay, so there's Jessie, my mom-type-experience-investigator. Woo! Anyway, we had a great lesson with her this week about prayer and scripture study, and basically she has the best member friend EVAR and we want to be her someday. But we had a great lesson and commited her to pray about something specific and then look to see how God would answer. Well, she texted us the NEXT DAY and said she had an answer!! So great!! She's our ray of sunshine :) I love her so much, and I want to see her baptized! Unfortunately her aunt (whom she lives with) is putting up kinda a fight about her being Mormon or associating with them and everything, so we'll have to wait 'til she turns 18 in July. SO CLOSE! Mar :) but she's awesome. And so is the Lord. He hears and answers our prayers, and I know he answers them ALL! Sometimes it takes lots of time for us to hear it, and sometimes he says "no" or "wait". but he DOES answer! What a blessing to know that and apply it in our lives, and exercise great faith in feeling that he's there. LOVE it!!

This week we have a zone conference, so Pres. Weston will be there and will teach us :) So excited! I love that kind of thing. And I'm finding that I like to drive, so... yeah. Haha! Who knew. XD

I hope all is well with you! I'm grateful for your continuous support and love- stay awesome! Remember who you are and how that can help you through it all :) he's there, just waiting to talk to us- if we'll listen!

Kepp with it!
Sister Nelson

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