Monday, August 19, 2013


Sooo as far as the pictures, the first one is just cute and you don't need to post it. The latter pictures are what we did this weekend! WE PARTIED! Yeah :D The ward had an ice cream social this weekend, and it was tasty. Obviously. A lot of people made ice cream and brought it, so it worked out well! There was a really yummy kind, like a chocolate cherry, and it was divine. OOH! I wanna learn how to make that O_O Anyway, a picture of my Sister Tanner, in case you were wondering. :)

I am super distracted by sending pictures and whoever else is emailing me today, haha. Apparently there's another Sister Rachael Nelson serving in Texas somewhere, and people have been sending me emails for her. Pretty funny, also especially since there was a Sister Loveland down there, too! So apparently the Loveland/Nelson duo is a divine one :) Yeah!~

I do not know everyone yet, haha. There's a lot of people that my companion doesn't even know, so sometimes I feel like I'm just paving my own way. We're organizing our area book and whatnot so we can leave more notes about who everyone is and who would be good for fellowshipping and whatnot, but there's a long way to go so we're going to be meeting a loot of people. :) Sister Tanner moved to MN when she was 8, and she's 19 now. So you can math that and see where you were at the time. I knew dad went to school there, but I didn't know if I could accurately count that as a "connection" or not, considering I don't know anyone. But yay! Cool! (literally?)

Seminary and school started this week around here, so people have been stressin' and everything else. I kinda liked the isolation of Paradise. More chill up there!

YAY, MB! Sounds like so much fun :D

"So we don't get attacked when we pick them" this made me happy. also I laughed. :D

@cleaning: I claim my room.

*pompoms for bees* apparently we are having dinner with beekeepers this week. They are, ironically, the Winns. (Not Craig's, and not related either.) They have given the sisters here a lot of honey, so we have some stockpiled in the cupboard. Haha :)

You are hard-hearted, haha! Don't even think about the rabbits. Poor dogs. You think they'd be able to keep each other entertained. I dunno, the Hunts had a cute lil' Terrier (she looked like she ought to be the show-dog for dog-food commercials) that would click on the floor sometimes. I think it just made me feel better cos I miss being around well-behaved dogs (there are very few of them out here. And somehow people go off about how they don't have the finances for xyz and they have a bunch of animals. what? *brick'd* ). How was Payton when Craig came back? Nearly passed out from the excitement, I bet :D

This week was good! Met some more people, and we're getting back into a groove too. Getting to know the ward (a lot of them are hilarious, ohgosh I can't even) and they love us. a LOT. :D We're hoping to go to the temple next week! I haven't been since January, and apparently... well, they do things a little differently. Apparently better. Have you been recently? If not, you should go. And hope there's no one that needs a translation in your session. *winkywink*

So we were talking to one of the other Sister companionships this week (Sister Loveland and her companion, actually) and she talked about how she read Alma 32 every day for 21 days!! That's a lot of Alma 32. She mentioned tho about how her perspective on faith changed a ton because of it, so I think it's a really good and cool idea, so I'm gonna try it! I'm starting tomorrow, since I forgot 'til just now. It'll be SWEET! I'm excited for it :) and I'll be sure to report back on it, too. 

Well, that's about it for now! Sorry it's short. Hope all is well and things are going great :) G'luck with school and everything!

Sister Nelson 

Ward Party Aug 2013
Sister Tanner Aug 2013

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