Monday, August 26, 2013


Things are good on this homefront :D and for the record dad, I'm in the Woodside ward; Orangevale has Elders!
Tehe I love that phrase, "galavanting around the countryside". is that from something? I feel like I use it frequently.

"Though I would do it again." take us out of school or go through gradeschool again? haha.

I love that about Payton :D is he gonna be totally confused when you say, "let's wake up Rach"? altho, I'm not sure he could make it up to the top of the bed, but he could surprise me. those lil' dogs can jump better than you'd think o.o

Alma 32 is coming great! I'm on day 7. It's really good! It's interesting how one chapter can apply to your lives in many ways. I think every day this week I've gotten a different interpretation of the same verse! Also, I have a new love for v. 19. go read it! and you should do it too. Just keep lots of notes! Things that came to your mind, things that you found interesting, other things you want to copyreference, whatever. Just have something handy to write on. 

*domestic diva* I like that! I totally forgot we even had a raspberry bush... I knew about the blackberries, but not the raspberries.

My companion's family is in MN. Maybe they'll move into their ward! They live by Rochester. What are they moving up there for?

Yay, family history! I was looking at my familysearch thing and I don't have a granpa. Sad day. I don't think that'll get fixed until... well, you know. Dumb Salt Lake XD

Things are well here. We're getting a lot of direction on the course we need to take, and it involves making a lot of friends. Which shouldn't be too hard, I think. hahaha. 
Also, a member told me that she thought I was awesome, and that it must run in the family. So I thought I'd pass that along :D <3

We have zone conference this week, so I'm super excited :D I'm hoping we find out more about the whole technology-using-stuff, since a lot of people are asking us about it. I'm getting more and more excited for the changes, so that's a good sign I guess :) Yay! 

Thanks for being AWESOME!!! And just fabulous in all ways. Stay great! Stay close to the spirit! 

Sister Nelson

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