Monday, August 5, 2013

Hi family! <3

Birthday was GREAT this week! It was all awesome. We had a BBQ that night and they gave me a balloon :3 it was cute. if I had my card with me, I'd send it. I'll try again next week.

@Craig: honorable release FTW!

@Paradise friend: All the ones close to me would be, um... Turners, Singlers, McArthurs, Dunlaps, or maybe the Southwicks. Or if they're in the other ward, the Reeves or the Taylors? Take your pick hahaha.

Transfers! I am indeed moving. I'm going from Paradise clear down to the Woodside ward, which is located in the Citrus Heights stake! I hear it's pretty and nice, but we'll see compared to Paradise. It just doesn't get much better than that, does it? :) Anyway, next week I'll send the address, so hold onto Dad's letter next week until you get that. Thanks.

"I think Dad and I made him feel a little better, but that could be parental delusions." I laughed.

*pompoms for marching band*

I feel the same way about Utah from here. Plus it seems half the ward just moved out, so bleh.

Testimony meeting is probably one of my favorite meetings in the church! I had the opportunity in my ward to bear my testimony, which I enjoyed. :) There was a member who got baptized 11 years ago and bore his testimony for the FIRST TIME yesterday!! So special :3 Basically this Paradise ward is so cute and happy. I'm going to miss it a lot.

So our baptism got moved this week again, so now I won't be a part of it. Oh well. I will just assume then that I've done my part and everything that I was supposed to do. Heavenly Father knows what's best and I feel peace about this move. There most be someone there that needs me too!

Not a lot else this week. A little scatterbrained at the moment too, but I'll get back on that later. Next week, haha. 

Thanks for the letters and help and everything! I LOVE YOU ALL! <3

Sister Nelson

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