Monday, November 11, 2013


HI! Things are peachy here this week! Sorry to hear you got sick, that's never fun :( at least it was nothing like what you had to do this time last year haha. 

*headpats OEHS* maybe next year. being from Chicago I feel like we're really good at saying that lol

When I read about the "going to the dance alone" part, I thought you meant Matt. I didn't know you meant Dad XD hahaha. I could just imagine you writing about Hjalmarsson for the whole game XD
speaking of texting, we should get a family plan. *just saying*

YAA stake conference! you will be great :D do you get a copy of the talk to prep? or will he fly by the seat of the spirit, d'you think?

Hum. Just realized you answered a prayer of mine. Neato. :3

STACY GETS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY1!!!! I'm so excited :D :D It's going to be amazing. This week the whole ward seems to be getting going for being there, so we're planning everything and just about everything is set. Last of all we get to clean the font and fill it up and find a jumpsuit. :D we're excited. She's excited. It will be fabulous :3 we'll take tons of pictures!! and Sis Tanner gets to come back, so that's happy too ^__^ partay! can't wait!

otherwise, things are going smoothly. Nothing about Caleb yet, but I'll keep you posted. :)

also, it still cracks me up how Dad was anxious about hearing about my travel arrangements. What's going to be the plan with Matt's concert and such? Or are we going to have to wait and see, for a bit?

Things are going good! I'm in Jacob now, again :) I love Jacob! he's like... Elder Oaks. *loff* I'm just a fangirl. aha, Sis Zoumberis and I were reasoning this week that this is probably the only group of people on the earth that fangirl about old people XD but hey. it works out. :) 

happy happy happy! I still can't believe it's week 3 of the transfer already x____X *cough* yep. scary.

anyway, I LOVE YOU!!! thanks for the card, it was flippin' cute :) stay great! keep yo' chin up!

Sister Nelson

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