Monday, November 4, 2013


How's it hanging? Sorry I scared you, I think *I'm* just scared. So, y'know. Support. I has need.
Sister Zoumberis actually transfered from the ward next door, surprisingly. So we've had lunch together every week since I got here. So we've spent near about 3 months around each other already :) So we're peachy. So far so good! It's funny how our prayers are answered unexpectedly, though... before the transfer, I was praying really hard for someone to transfer here who could help me work hard for my last 6 weeks, and so far that's been the case! She's helping me a lot to focus on the last part of my mission, and she's wanting to help me finish strong, also. So we're working. :) 

@Stacy I will tell her that! I told her you want to meet her someday, she said she would love that :)

@coming home: Aah, um. So, I was in the mission office last Monday, so I asked about it because... just, reasons. Anyway, they let me look at the copy of my itinerary! From my faulty memory, it looks like I will fly from here to Atlanta, transfer to another plane there, and then up to Chicago. My first leg leaves at 12:15 or something like that, and I think I saw that I get into Chicago around 9:20pm? Or something near that. So THAT'S GOING TO BE FUN. *headdesk* apparently there's somebody I need to teach the whole of Preach My Gospel to on the plane ride home. Hahaha. 
So yeah. dunno how we'll schedule that all around with Matt's concert. I was gonna say I hope he plays near the front, but since he's a senior he'll probably be last. T__T unless they break up all the groups again, then it might not be so bad. But anyway. We'll see!
We'll also wait and see when the mission lets you know about all that, haha. Dad's like me- likes to plan ahead :)

*pompoms for OE* seriously. Like I told Matt in his email, that was completely unexpected. XD

What is it with failsauce trumpets in YSDP? They didn't know when to come in with my group, either. Geez Louise. They try to be such showoffs and then fail at the basic stuff. *judgemental* *cough* anyway. Hooray for Mr Tham mellowing, though! He was a feisty little squirrel when I was there, haha.

I don't think I know Sister Paradise. That's a *sweet* name though. I'm excited to meet her :) CONGRATS for your new calling!!! :D That should be amaaazinnng. You'll be good at it. You get to teach then! YAY! So how many callings do you have now, anyway? Do you still teach 2nd hour? Apparently you are a very capable lady! :3 I'm proud of you! Hope you know that. I tell a lot of people about you and Dad, and many of them say that they would like to meet you someday. It's like Stacy says all the time- "I'm sure she's proud of you!" So there's that, but also a lady in Rocklin I remember saying to me once- "You must be proud of them!" and I very much am. Just so you know :)

So this week was good! We got a lot done, and it's only a little crazy cos I know the area and Sis Z doesn't. So that's stressful. I'm also still trying to keep my go-home date a secret from the rest of the ward.... sometimes unsuccessfully. I think the only people who know are the WML and his family, and then the ward chorister (cos she's trying to prep the show for the Christmas week and I figured I'd owe it to her to tell her not to count on me haha). So yeah. Not sure what I'm going to do on that front yet. A couple RMs in the ward have asked me, and when I answer vague they tell me to at least give them some notice. <_< so we'll see what happens. I don't know why it is people can somehow sense when somebody's about to finish up their mission, but it's stressful! Bah. But yeah. Peachy.

Stacy is stressing about her baptism, but I think it's cos she's trying to plan it all without being able to plan it all. Haha. I'll pass that along about the bean dip, though :) I'm sure she'd think it's awesome, haha. 

Something cool did happen yesterday, though! There's an 11yr old (Caleb) that we've been trying to teach and get baptized for a while, but because his mom and dad are divorced, we have to get permission from both parents for him to move forward. Well, we talked to the dad at church yesterday, and we told him about our predicament and how we're actually not supposed to be teaching without permission from his mom. (The way they do it for missionaries is permission for teaching and baptizing happens at the same time. So, yeah. Complicating, sorta.) So he said that he would have a good talk with Caleb's mom this week and try to get that going for us. YAY! He thinks that when he talks to her she will likely say yes, so I'm stoked about that :) We're praying hard! That would be an amazing miracle for this area, I tell you what. :D Caleb is really cute, so we're just hoping this works out for him. 

Nothing too crazy this week. Hope all is well at home! I love you all :3 Have a happy week!

Sister Nelson

p.s. I got the contract for BDA 17 again, right? I just wanted to make sure before I start telling people that's where I'll be living. :)

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