Monday, November 25, 2013


I can't remember all of what I sent. Did you get a box I sent a few weeks ago? I'm afraid it may have been taken T__T since you hadn't said anything about it. :s
I sent a letter last week too, and I said thanks for the CD in it, but I can say it again! THANKS FOR THE CD!! I LOVE IT, IT'S GREAT :3 anyway, yes! I have a picture of Stacy! uhmm let me attach one! :) I guess Sister Owen's email didn't make it to you? merp. I'll see what I can do about that, unless you deleted it, haha.

Yes, we sang for Stacy! Pretty much everything we do, she loves. She's so sweet :)

@Pres Clark- I will do that! We should visit him after I get released, too. I'm sure Sis Clark would love that, too. 

Lookit you, being a friendly neighbor missionary. So proud! :3

"Penni and Kathryn were impressed. But then they are kind." oh please. I'd be impressed too! Give yourself some credit! You are just so cool, I can't even. :3

No, I don't think I was ever told that story D: pretty funny tho. Sure, I'd like a copy of the talk! Bruce would do a thing like that, haha. They were thinking of moving soon, weren't they? I can't remember where they were going tho. Hopefully closer to Provo so we (being craig and me) can see them more and get delightful blackmail. Muwahaha. I mean, WAT

Yaay, company on Thanksgiving! We're going to go over and be with Stacy for a lot of the day, 'til dinner in the late afternoon. Then, I don't really know yet. But we'll see what happens. A lot of the ward is going out of town, so we'll see what happens .___. it may be a very empty and sad evening haha. glad I don't have to go through another Christmas tho, that's for sure. Phew. :)

Anyway, let me know if you got the box and letter (separately). I should probably start sticking trackers on these. o.o

This week was okay. We had a conference with Elder Stanley G. Ellis of the 70, tho! That was cute and inspiring. His wife is the most adorable thing ever, and they're basically BFFs with President and Sister Weston, so I'm sure he'll be a 70 someday haha. Anyway, they talked a lot about faith and really earnestly striving to be open to the spirit to prepare his work. Elder Ellis asked us that if every miracle we prayed for was granted, how many more baptisms would occur this month? Or next month? We should be striving to have miracles in our lives every day (cos they are more certainly there), especially cos the more we live the gospel, the more we are, in affect, entitled to them. Just in the way that as we live worthily of the sacrament, we can have the spirit with us each week. Such great promises :) however, this week I was a little overwhelmed by the whole 2-weeks-left thing, so I burnt out for the latter half of the week. I think I'm better now though, so I'm back to sprinting to the finish! One day at a time, one step at a time. Thank goodness for the Father's patience for us, we are profoundly blessed :)

I love you all SO MUCH! I'm grateful for your reassuring words and kindness. Stay great! I love you LOTS!

Sister Nelson

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