Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I don't know if you tried to send me a letter last week; if you did, I didn't get it yet but I'm sure it'll show up in my mailbox sooner or later. Basically what happens is it gets sent to the mission home and then gets forwarded to the address I'm currently at. It's helpful around transfer time (every 6 weeks) so if I leave, it'll still get to me as opposed to getting sent to the new missionaries who are there at the time it shows up. 
So we flew to Roseville on Tuesday. Yay! And I've also determined I have allergies after all! yaay. But I hear that pretty much everyone who's come here said they never had allergies before coming here, so it's basically the allergy capital of the world. Woot. I've just gotta track down where the local honey's at now, see if that helps on top of being medicated. Haha!
So... the ward is huge. Like, the size of two wards put together. I don't know what the exact number is, but it's 400+. INSANITYYYY. You go to church and think you know people and you never see the ones you know. There's like... 22 deacons, 62 YW, probably 80 or so ladies in Relief Society... It's fun to see, but I like to know people and this is just killing me D: The size of the ward choir is about normal though, go figure. Even in a bigger ward the choir is still small. Haha! I met the stake president and Bishop Hilton of the Rocklin 1st ward and both are on the hunt for a bassoon, XD I'll never get away from this, hahaha! It'll be good though, we're planning a musical fireside that'll hopefully draw some people. Gonna put some ads in the newspaper, get the wardies to bring some folks, meet some people, yeah :D Go big or go home, right? :P
I should've mentioned, yeah. I'm in Rocklin! Woot! With Sista Brown n_n She's cool. We're both cool. Apparently I've got the skills to be a super-stalker; I noticed some snowboards in the window of somebody's garage and she was like, amazed that I'd seen it XD It's happened a couple times already, and I remember people's names and she thinks it's like, amazing ossum and I'm like ¯\[°_O]/¯ but she is good at planning and prepping and lesson...ing. So we make a good pair! We're both trying to get better at being bold though, so it's a challenge for both of us. I think she's getting better than me so far, since I'm hanging out in the background all the time. ^-^;
Ummm what else. Everything's just awesome here! Things are somewhat strange in that people accept God, but they won't really accept Jesus Christ for what he is (as in, being a Son of God and not just "a nice guy", as one person put it). It's okay though; although we want to help everyone come unto Christ, we can't force anybody. That's the beauty of agency, eh? We're sowers, we'll plant seeds so the people who come after us can reap it. :)
I heard a cool thing today, that when the Elders go out when they're twenty, they're giving ~10% of their life to the service of God. Isn't that nifty? I hadn't thought of that before.
Well I hope all is well with y'all!
Sista Nelson

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