Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is it safe to say "Huzzah for the Kings" yet?? I only heard up through game 4, XD Thanks Mom, for that update :3 (edit: 5. I just got your letter. XD)
All's still quiet here. Learning tons of stuff and still figuring out how best to let the spirit teach. My companion and I are teaching someone in the TRC named Sarah, and it's been really difficult. She's really umcomfortable with the spirit somehow, so whenever we try to pause to let the spirit teach she gets awkwarded out and changes the subject. I feel like we touched her heart when we visited with her yesterday though. Last Thursday she told us about how her sister has cancer and they're pretty much waiting for her to die... we prayed for that when we started yesterday and she was really touched. She mentioned she had started praying as well, and she really felt like her prayers were being answered in the sense that her sister was feeling more peace. It was a really cool experience, especially since we didn't even commit her to do that! I was impressed. She's still not sure why she needs God in her life, but I think this has shown her a little bit.
We got our travel plans!! We're flying out of SLC on Tuesday, and our flight is at 8:45am. We leave the MTC at like 5 though, so that'll be EARLY! T
Tell Alyse congrats for me!!
Everything flies so fast here I wish I could remember what all I wanted to tell you! Derp. There's a guy in my district from Michigan, and he said he went to the Chicago temple so he might've been the one that ran into Penni, but he's really bad at remembering faces so he doesn't remember. One of the sisters in the district ahead of us (the ones who arrived a week before us) was in the temple when we went through, isn't that weird?? We had a good bonding experience. There's another district I haven't met that are gonna be going to Roseville with us, maybe the one Penni met is in that group? Either way it's cool beans.

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