Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 1
P-day finally came! I have never been more excited to do laundry in my whole life. I sent another letter, did you get it? I hope to hear from you soon. For the record, if you send me things through it'll get delivered to me the same day while I'm still at the MTC. I want to hear if Craig got his letter and how things went for Mom this weekend! I have been anxious to hear.
@Ashlee - I got your letter! It made me smile when you said you drive past hoping to see me. Unfortunately I'm centered in three buildings in the middle of campus so I don't see the street much. Only when I go to the temple or go excerise out on that field... which isn't very often. My companions like the gym, which is fine. :) <3 <3
Speaking of, my companion! Her name is Sister Tittle, and she's from Orem. Super far away, huh? Hehe. She gets letters from people and her mom all the time, it's kinda bizarre. She's kinda crazy and extremely hyper almost ALL the time, but I love her. She connects with people where I can't, and she calls me super smart all the time so I guess we make up for each other's weaknesses which are cool. I'm thankful we get along for as well as we do.
I've learned so much already and it's kinda overwhelming at times. It's so hard when you sit down with an investigator and you have to try to formulate all the information you want to share and not overwhelm or scare them away. My teachers, Sister Winters and Brother Gonzalez, are so great at keying into the spirit and knowing what we need to hear, even when we don't know we need to hear it. I hope that I can be as inspiring as a teacher as them someday.
I think we'll be heading out of the MTC on the 19/20th, so that's not too far away! The new missionaries are coming in today already, it's bizarre to think we've been here a week already. The new Elder's eyes are as big as saucers, and it makes me laugh to know that's what we looked like a week ago!
My district is super awesome. There are ten of us, and six are going to Roseville and four are going to Arcadia, which is down by LA.
Something cool I learned this week was about revelation. My teacher Sister Winters had us do this thing where we wrote down a question we had for God, prayed to Him that He would answer our question, and then picked a chapter to read slowly for our answer. I was a little skeptical, but I figured I would get something. All ten in our district picked 1 Nephi chapter 2. It was the coolest thing - I was reading along and when I read one of the verses, it was like BAM: "There's your answer." And if that wasn't good enough, the next five verses felt like He was talking directly to my mind. It was the coolest thing! It's amazing what just a tiny bit of faith can do.
That's all I can think of right now, I hope to hear from you sooooon! I'm anxious to hear from y'all that read this :3
Sister Nelson

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