Monday, September 3, 2012

It'll prolly be a shortish email cos it's a holiday and the library's closed. Aah! We're using a computer at a nearby apartment complex. The Elders have a key to it so we're borrowing it. Haha! It's a mac though, so the letters are all spaced out and it feels weird. Bah.

@Matt (&band): Woohoo! Excited to hear about the band doing awesome :D and the football peeps too, I guess that's neat too. *brick'd*

@bassoon: well, we kept asking around if people had one, and we ended up mentioning it to the Primary president (the one in charge of all the tiny chilluns when church is happening, for those who aren't familiar with the lingo). She was all, "well I know people on the school boards in three districts, I'll ask all of them!!" so she was awesome and sent thirty emails (not really) (but really though) and she found one from the band teacher at the school she works out. Rockin'! So we went and she signed her life away (not really) (but really!) so I could borrow it for the weekend (it was Thursday by the time we went to pick it up) aaaaand I realized why Heavenly Father waited to let me look at one. I was such a spazz for the first little while even after playing on it for three minutes, XD. But it was good! We threw together a quick arrangement of All Creatures Of Our God And King (there's a pianist in our ward who's like, amaaaaazing and can do that kind of thing like all the music majors everywhere) so it was like whoa. Everybody loved it :D The music coordinator person was gonna try to see if she could get it back by next Sunday so I could play again before transfers, but we'll see. I dunno if the music teacher over there will be that happy to let some missionary borrow it two random weekends, especially while school's going. Meh, it is what it is. 

ALSO, coolest thing ever happened yesterday! It involves me being a lamesausage though... <_< But yeah, it was right after church (so like, 3:45ish) and we went tracting. I wasn't super excited about it, and I was holding off on breaking my fast so I was cranky and stuff. BUT the first door we knocked on, a guy answered and we started talking with him. "Hi, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we're just in your area answering questions about our faith, beliefs, or the Book of Mormon..." and we kept talking and he was intrigued about what we were, what we believe, and all that. It was really surprising, to be honest. So we set up an appointment and we're going to go back to meet him next week!! Aah! Sooo yeah, usually tracting isn't effective, but we just picked up a new investigator. Le awesome!

Yep. As for way of spiritual thought, there's an activity in Preach My Gospel about looking at how the Savior answers questions of other people. A lot of the time he answers with another question, and he seldom gives a point-blank answer. It's so interesting to see how we as missionaries can follow the example of the Savior and teach as he might teach. So good! Takes a lot of practice, that's for sure.

I love you guys! G'luck on your moving to SLC, Craiger! (Be happy you don't have to ride a plane, lol). I'll try to send a late letter so it gets to you. :)

I love you!! I pray for you every day. <3

Sister Nelson

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