Monday, September 10, 2012

As for the bassoon, it was a black plastic one. And it didn't have some of the "fancy" keys I'm used to. It was okay, though - honestly, you prolly couldn't have been able to tell a difference in the sound. It had soul :D
@Small world: Well, when you have an LDS boy serving in Utah, he's gonna run into somebody that we know. Haha! Y'know how there's the six degrees of separation, that anyone can be connected to anyone else through six people...? Yeah, with the Mormons, it's way smaller. Like at 3. Anyway! About half my district (we call it the Rocklin Thunder district, hooah!) is from thereabouts. It's just funny - out here members all guess the missionaries are from Utah, Idaho, or Arizona. And then I come in and tell them Chicago and they go "Woooow!" and then hear South Jordan from my companion and go "Oh, cool." It's kinda sad. XD
I'm really happy you're feeling great!! I will be sure to pass along the word to Pres. Weston. (Also, @Craig, Pres Weston mentioned knowing Pres Winn. Small world! :D) I will keep praying, of course. And maybe put your name on the temple roll. Muhar >D (I did when I was in Provo, too. Muhar!) I was gonna say something else about that but I forgot. Oh de wells.
Anyway, the big news here is... I'm transfering!! We got the call last night right when we were sitting down to plan, and I was really sad for about an hour until I got that confirmation from the spirit that it's where I need to be. I'll be in the Loomis 3rd ward with an Australian Sister. Sweet :D I met her once already in July on exchanges (where we trade companions for a day), so it'll be fun. Her name is Sister Fonua! I'm really sad to be leaving my amazing companion and the fantastic Rocklin 1st ward though. I love these people!! We're going to try to see our investigators before I leave (which'll prolly be tomorrow morning) and they're really sad too :( One we're going out to lunch with her and her kids, and they're going to have a date soon!! She needs to coordinate with her husband but that's the only thing keeping them: scheduling! They are totally ready and pretty much have been since I got here three months ago. (Can you believe it's already been that long? Wow!)
(plz post) @Fang: So you remember how your letter got lost in the mail? It finally found me. Hooray! The postage dates say it got stamped in Texas 'round the 1st of August, then sat somewhere 'til the 28th and then forwarded again on the 3rd. Nice, right? Haha!
This morning I finished up reading in Mormon. A lot of it is really depressing! The whole Nephite civilization wiped out. In one battle alone they had 23 commanders and their ten thousand each (that's 230,000 if you're counting) and ALL but 24 people died. Hoo. I can't imagine. But Mormon and his son Moroni still trust in their God, despite their friends, family, and everything getting destroyed and being hunted by the Lamanites. Gives us a bit of perspective whenever we're going through a rough patch though, eh? But I LOVE chapter 9 v.21! 25-27 as well. (Read here) Despite all the destruction around him, Moroni tells the reader to pray and ask the Lord in the name of Christ for help and direction. Of all people, Moroni would have every reason to be angry at God for literally letting everyone die. But he knows that perspective is everything, and he's writing the Book of Mormon for us so that we can be directed. We live in a time where the fullness of the gospel will never be taken again from the Earth - and the Book of Mormon can give us guidance and answers to EVERYTHING we need! What a marvelous promise :)
Speaking of, I love Mormon 7:8-9. It very clearly states that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are meant to worktogether to testify of Jesus Christ and his workings and miracles. It's like if someone told you they saw a cat do a backflip - you might think "Oh, they must've seen it wrong. Cats definitely cannot do backflips!" But then if someone else comes and says, "No really, I saw that cat do a backflip!" then you really might start to believe the story. It's the same with the word of God. It makes total sense when you think of it that way, I think.
Not much else to report for now. It still blows my mind that it's been three months. Where does the time go? Before you know it it'll be the end of the transfer again. This week was really fun, though. Sister Brown and I made it the most fun we could, and it was awesome! Taught great lessons, had the spirit, taught the gospel and testified wherever we could! And frozen yogurt. Lots of it :) (we're going to be cutting back. haha!)
I love you all bunches!! Thank you always for your prayers, I can feel them working in my life. (And praying for our investigators is a good idea too - thank you!!) I adore you all and hope all is well. <3
Sister Nelson

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