Monday, September 17, 2012

My new address is... I forgot the house number! *brick'd* but I'm fairly certain it's 3928 N Lakeshore, and it just occured to me I don't know the Loomis zip code :D So... however you find that out could work. Maybe search it on Googlemaps?
Thanks for the picture, mum! I now have one of you. Yay! And I'm glad you heard from Sister Pulsipher! I forgot we took a picture together :D She's the Primary Pres in Rocklin and she's related to President Hinckley. Cool, right?? (She's a cousin/niece of some relation. I don't remember.)
So yeah, Loomis! It's a lot more country out here! Nothing's close together and Walmart is eons away T_T means I have to shop at the more pricey places. Lame! There's a Target nearby, at least. But still.
The Elders in this zone are so silly. We have lots of fun at our meetings together and we eat lunch afterwards. They're big on teasing, and I'm good at laughing so it gets along well! Something I learned from my companion this week from comp inventory (it's basically the best thing EVR; you tell them strengths and help them with things they could improve on) and she says that I have a countenance that helps people trust me right away. Now that she said that I have seen it - yesterday we went to visit a part-member family (wife's a member, husband's not) and only he was home. Sister Fonua says he's usually pretty curt and silent but I started chatting it up with him about his half-finished porch and somehow went from there to drawing and engineering stuff for mines in Utah. I even got a smile out of him! So, that was good to see what she sees.
The adjustment to Loomis has been a little more difficult than I was thinking it would be, though. The area is really big, and it's hard to get my mind around it! And the Sister who just left finished out her mission so everyone misses her and I feel like a fly on the wall. But I will persevere!
@Craig: Since we're out and about and working so hard, allow me to suggest something that's helped me! You won't want to hear it, but here goes: eat better! *dodges brick* Srsly though, in the morning instead of having cereal, try to have something with more protein in it. Eggs, sausage, bacon. (I get tired of all that though, so I have greek yogurt and fruit. Yummy!) If you cut out the sugars and starches you'll start to be less tired. Huzzah! It's annoying, I know, but I've felt loads better since I started doing that. And don't worry - getting into the swing of things will help too.
@hockey: noes! DX it's okay canada! I still love you! 
Uuummm.... yah, so, Craig? Having 9 people is kinda skeewhompis and totally not normal. I'm slightly jealous.
This week has just been really weird. But I've been reading in Ether, and it's just really interesting to keep track of how many kings throw around each other. It was pointed out to me when I read over Omni last month how the last Jaredite, Coriantumr, is found by the people of Zarahemla. I had no idea! For some reason they were both separate entities in my head, never bothered each other or anything. I thought that was neat!
Anyhoo, I love you all! I pray for you often and I hope all is well. I'll start praying for Renee too!
Sister Nelson

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