Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello hello!
Happy belated thanksgiving to YOU! Ours was great fun! We had a waffle breakfast with the Elders and Sisters in the morning, played a couple hours of basketball, and then we started going to dinner! We went to Bishops house for a bit and then we went to a family's house in the ward that have 9 kids, the youngest being 14. That was fun :) they have a missionary out right now so they felt happy to have us. then we played a couple more hours of basketball with them after that, haha! We felt good and exercised that day, and very sore the next. Hehe. It was a great day!
Also, if you see Paul again soon, tell him I met his cousin Elder Taggert! He was initially really confused why I was talking to him, haha.
Hello, ex-Elder Seibach! Haha. There's a guy in the ward here who just got home from his mission to Chile, but he was... I forget. But he can't have been in the same mission since he only just got home four weeks ago. In other news, senior missionary? are me and Craig the only missionaries out now? O_o
Yes, transfers are this week! I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm hoping to stay, but we never know. As of now I adore my companion so I want her to stay. Basically everything can just keep going the way they're going. 
As far Christmas, I thought of two more! A Hoops&Yoyo panic button, and rechargeable batteries! I'm not allowed any other books than what I have... but music is always a welcomed change. We listen to a lot when we're driving to the other side of the stake for meetings x_x.
So this week we had a super awesome lesson with our investigator Veronica. She's been taught by missionaries for a long time (since Feb.) and she wants to be baptized, but can't until she gets married and all that. It's a tricky situation. But we were teaching her about the priesthood and everything, and it was a really strong, great lesson. The cool part was at the end, though - she said, "My ancestors are telling me to get them sealed. How would I be able to go about doing that?" So we had a brief lesson on the temple (she's been taught it before; we'll go over it in depth again this week) and the member we brought with us said their mom was super into family history and would be able to help her with that! So this week she's going to prepare names and we're going to see if we can't go and help with all that :3 It'll be sweet! And then they can help with the softening of hearts, hooah!
Also this week we picked up 3 new investigators! Hooray! We visited a part-member family and they said they'd be willing to learn more about the church since they're looking at trying to incorporate more of God in their lives. Yay! They're the Schweig family :)
ALSO, we were able to commit Barton to baptism! Hooray! He struggles with smoking right now, and in the lesson we were asking him about committing to quit and he went on and on about not wanting to break promises, so logically (to me) I asked, "So what's the difference between a promise and a goal?" and all at once he, his wife, and my companion went, "..... huh!" It was pretty funny. But then we committed him to the goal of Feb. 9th. Yay!
Those were the highlights this week, and I can't think of much else that's going on. There were a lot of people gone this week, so it was harder to catch/find people. But it is what it is. One of the companionships in our zone scheduled a baptism this last weekend and found that to be true, so they asked my companionship to sing (well, me to sing, Sister Ripplinger to play piano). It was fun! Able to use my talents and things after all :P 
Yep. Good times! Not much else, and I've got to get scooting soon. Hope all's well out there! Good on the 60°, it's been like that for the whole of November. I keep thinking it'll get colder, but most people are saying it won't. Oh, that's what I need! My black coat, if it's around - I can't find a light jacket I like, so if you could just ship that out, that'd be great. (in the Christmas box would be fine; I've gotten a few sweaters at Ross to help last me. and it won't get much colder than this, I'm told. so I'm hopeful.)
I love you all!! Thank you for your prayers, both for me and our investigators! <3.

Sister Nelson

Sister Nelson and District

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