Tuesday, November 20, 2012

" 'We believe that man must be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam's transgression.' Except for me, cos I'm Adam." <- kid who graduated from primary last week
So basically Sister Ripplinger and I are having the best time ever here in Loomis! Remember how I was telling you about Stephanie and her awesomesauce lesson a couple weeks back? Did I ever tell you about what she thought about it? If I have, disregard my redundant-ness. Basically the way Stephanie described it was the spirit was so strong it was messing with her vision, and the lights were doing weird things and she described the whole experience as "electric". Her husband Scott said he felt the spirit so strongly it felt like there was an extra person in the room. It was incredible! And in our lesson this last week, she said she's ready to be baptized!!!!!! WOOO! She hasn't set a date yet, since her husband's a less-active member and she wants him to baptize her, but that'll come along soon, I just know it! So we're really excited for them and looking forward to what Heavenly Father has in store for them, b/c obviously there are great things coming for them!
Also something cool that happened yesterday: in this stake they like to have open houses at the chapels to try to introduce people to them (and to get them to feel the spirit, obviously). They have them four times a year and rotate around to all the different buildings. This time it was at our building, but it wasn't publicized a lot so there were some people... but mostly members. it was a nice evening regardless, but at the very end I notice in front of us one of the stake presidency sitting with one of his friends. After the tour of the building there was a musical number, a conversion story shared, and more music. We talked to this man once everything was done, and we learned that he lives down the street from us and just moved in! In the conversation we asked him what his favorite part of the evening was, and he said he enjoyed the pictures of Christ that were all over the building. (That was his 9-yr old's favorite part too.) But then he said, "I just really like that it's so comfortable here, like I feel like I'm at home." We thought it was so cooooool! So we're trying to have his friend invite him to take the lessons, since he's been to lots of church events over the years. Miracle!!
On a funny note, Sister Ripplinger and I were describing traits we liked in each other. Later I was mentioning that I would describe myself as loyal, and she said, "I can see that! You're loyal like a........ loincloth." She didn't put a lot of thought into it, but that's okay cos I thought it was hysterical :)
Also, zone conference was this week! Wooohooo! We talked a lot about preparing for the new missionaries coming in, and I'm basically destined to train. *brick'd* We also started this cool thing, we're all taking a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 85 days (that's how long it took to be translated). I started Thursday, and I'm already in 2 Nephi! Isaiah is hard though. We're going through and marking all references to Christ, anything he says (as himself or through his prophets), his attributes, and doctrines and principles in the Book of Mormon (I'm counting that as faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end). It's really really great so far! I'd recommend it :D
Also we talked about a new thing you'll probably hear about - mormon.org/Christmas! It won't launch until the 26th, but keep it bookmarked cos it'll be cool! There'll be e-cards you can send, you can share feelings about christmas, you can get free christmas songs from the MoTab, and a couple other things I can't remember right now! but that'd be a great missionary tool, so check it out as soon as it's up, okay? :)
Hope all's well with you! I didn't get an email so ¯\[°_O]/¯ but know that I love you and pray for you always! Pray for missionary experiences, invite everyone!! The work is hastening and we better not be the ones caught sitting on our hands, that's for sure!
Sister Nelson

Sister Nelson and Sister Ripplinger

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