Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So this week we're emailing from a place in town (the member owns a business and said we could come use the compys here yay!) but it's got Windows 8 on it and I'm totally lost. O_o Go figure. Leave the world for 5 months and you're left in the dark. Bah!
Aww, meet the Mormons! I'm glad it went well; did the missionaries gain a lot of people to teach from it? I hope so! Missionaries with no one to teach is the worst. Have you invited anyone to have the missionaries meet them and teach them? It's not as scary as it seems, that's what I've learned.
This week we have a zone conference! It's with us and the missionaries in two other stakes. I think it's in preparation for the new missionaries coming in. We're expecting the biggest waves in January and February. Should be good times! I'm pretty sure I'll train and I really don't want to, but ack. The Lord knows what he's doing, I guess.
I don't have a lot of time today, but I'll share something cool that happened this week! We've been really focusing on finding new people to teach (even though we have lots to do, we're always supposed to be looking for more to teach!), and this week a lady called us and said she was marrying a non-member and moving into the ward. She said that he could be interested in being taught, and he's a really nice guy! He understands a little about who we are and what we know, but there's always room to learn (even for us who've been taught from the get-go)! So it was really interesting that practically fell in our lap. Also, she's friends with a lot of band people around here... so guess who's on the hunt for a bassoon again :) We're thinking a musical thing with me and my companion maybe, since she can play the piano. Huzzah! I'll take pictures this time :P
Anyway I love you all and I pray for you daily! <3 <3
Sister Nelson

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