Monday, February 11, 2013

Family! :D

Cute picture, mom! Did Dad getcha that necklace? 'tis nice! :3

Well, if I'm in danger of becoming a California girl, I'm semi- okay with that. Although, the experience won't be complete since I can't go to the beach. Haha ;D
As for reminding Sister Beeri that she's old, you can tell her "you're welcome"! Haha!

Matt has a couple bffs, doesn't he? Is that Haley? (sp?) Sounds like good times though - is he tired of you yet? Hehe :)

Yay, court of honor! That'll be the 2nd one I missed :D *brick'd*

Hmm, now that I think about it, I didn't get Dad's letter this last week. If it went to the mission office they may have been holding onto it since our mission conferences are this week. Otherwise if you sent it here, it's probably in the stacks of mail on the table since the people we live with are out of town and it's all just in piles. I'll be sure to go through that when I get home! but YAY, PMG! Best manual ever :D

Tell Aliva congrats for me!!! Our ward mission leader served his mission in England, granted it was English speaking. But hooray! Mandarin! :D

This week was really great. One of the ladies in our ward found the bassoon at the high school here (which is really bizarre; who knew all these lil' towns would be able to have access to one??) and we got it on Friday! When we practiced I took a video... but it's too big so I can't send it. Boo. Here's a picture instead! Happy Valentines and all that, we played "Love is Spoken Here" and it was fun. Sister Loveland played the violin! It was great :) We tried to use that as incentive to get our investigators to church (we have the 9am time), but still no one came. Boo. Also, here are some pictures of Paradise! (Well, Magalia. But close enough.)
The last one is the view out our backyard.

Anyway, this week I started reading Jesus the Christ! It's been super great to read things with a little more perspective on the cultural takes and history of it all - it makes things much more real for me, along with a couple blunt takes on doctrine and the traditions of men, haha. Otherwise I've started the book of Jacob this week, and there's too many things happening in this room I can't concentrate on what I'm saying x__x sorry for the sudden ending! I did want to ask you, Mom, how your conversion story is going? 

Hope all is well there! I love you and I'm thankful for your support and everything ^-^

Sister Nelson

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