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Happy Arizona! Sorry to hear it was cold... it was in the 40s/50s here. I'll tell the sun to be better at sharing. :D Sorry about the snow, too. And about your mom... but she's doing well now, right? Happy day. Hope Uncle Mike is doing well, too.

WOOO Blackhawks!! Beatin' dem records :3 That's interesting they're staying inter-conference for all their games. My friend Don wrote me and told me all about the changes with the negotiations and all that, so now I understand all the stuff about the cap limits and everything along that nature. Is there going to be a Stanely Cup this year, then? Or is it just gonna be division champs and all that jazz?

How did you get roped into having a mac'n'cheese/mariokart tournament at the house? XD That sounds way fun! Beat 'em all, Mateo! *brick'd*

 THANK YOU for the scripture case! It's perfect :D very sturdy. Yay! Keeps more off my back so I can carry around more copies of the Book of Mormon to pass out. Hurrah!

Hungary?! Tell him congrats :D And what?! Hallidays and the Batchelors are moving? Lame. :C Tell them g'bye for me if you can! And yeah, at least you're getting three more! I'm sure they will be awesome! Any idea where they're coming from?

This week was great- as I said in my response in Craig's email, I spoke in church yesterday! We talked about missions, things we've learned, and the faith & testimony it took to make the decision to up and go. It was fun to think about all of that again, but reminded me about how Heavenly Father more or less hit me with a spiritual two-by-four to get me to think about it. :D Totally worth it though. AND, one of our investigators came! YAAAAY! So exciting and happy! 
We had gone over to her house the day before to chat with her and learned that she didn't like getting up in the morning cos it was usually cold. So I tinkered around with her thermostat and figured out how to get it to kick on before she'd get up :D so she came! yay! We also brought a ladder with us cos she'd said that her gutters were clogged, so we did our best in trying to get them to come unstuck. We stuck a hanger up from the top and the bottom - but when we hit the bottom, out popped a black widow! It's body was about the size of a nickel, and it rolled out like a yo-yo, so the red hourglass underneath gleamed in the sunlight. It was so scary! We jumped back at least five feet and, after attempts to hit it with a sprinkler head (which broke lol) it fell onto the ground. Sister Loveland squashed that bad boy, and then we did a little dance cos it was her first one she'd ever seen, and ever squashed :D good story, eh!

It was a really good week, though. We've been working hard to contact a lot of the less-actives in our ward, and we're being placed in the right place and finding more information about these people every day! It's wonderful to see how the Lord wants all of his children to return to him, no matter what. 

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for all your support and love, and thanks again for the scripture case :D <3

Sister Nelson

p.s. short info on our investigators!
Toni: She's awesome! Before I got here she'd contacted the church saying she needed help, and that she was a member. When they looked for her records, they couldn't find her, and so they called her Grandma who took her as a child. She said she'd never been baptized, so we started teaching her! :D so hurrah! our less-active is getting baptized! XD
Dottie: She came to church this week! Yay! The Sister tracted into her and she LOVES us. So happy :D She's from Georgia! and she's not bothered by pretty much anything, and she's a quick learner. :)
Katie: She's ten! I might've written about her before, but my first week we visited her family and her mom said to us, "By the way, how would I go about getting her baptized? She hasn't been yet." So we started teaching her :D
Larry: He's interested in learning about all religions, but he said he's learning the most and feeling happiest about the "Mormon religion", haha. He's great, and he should be coming to church consistently soon :D!
There's a few people for you to know about :) post if y'like, but there's some information for yous n_n

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