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Is Nick going to the same mission as Craig? That is so neat! Maybe he could train him! :D *brick'd* *unlikely?*

Well, transfers were this week! Sister Loveland & I are staying the same in Paradise tho, so nothing different. (btw, did I give you my address? it's 5248 Royal Canyon Ln, Paradise CA 95969.) This transfer there are 6 sisters coming out, so with everything happening we now have one more companionship of Sisters in the mission, bringing up to a grand total of 14! (That's 26 Sisters, woo!) So we're one of the lucky four companionships not moving - all 10 of the others are moving places, figuring out training, and whatnot. Also, Sisters opened up another area in our Zone, so now there will be two sets of Sisters here in the Chico stake! And coincidentally.... Sister Brown is going there. Together again, jiggety jig! Happy huh ^-^

Thank you SO MUCH for the Valentine's box!! That was so cute and nice, thank you :D Sister Loveland says thanks for the treats, too. It was happy. :) I wanted to follow up tho, how goes the housing hunt for winter semester when I get back? Just curious since I never heard. Also, I'm in need of a plain, heavy-duty scripture case (the one I inherited from another sister is falling apart and looks just really sad). Basically something with a strong handle, as that's what's fraying and falling off on mine. But I'll let you Amazon that up, since I know you're really awesome at that :3

So Matt tells me the Hawks are still without regulation losses XD How happy is that?? *brick'd*

Have so much fun talking about bees :D and good luck on your trip! Tell AZ Granna I said hi and I send my love :3 Maybe these pictures I send you can print and take to her! And Uncle Mike, too! n_n

Yay, seedlings! They're typically in my room a lot, aren't they? Haha. Gotta love the warm room in the house. (I'll appreciate that when I come back from California in December. *headdesk*)

In other news, we had our zone conference on Tuesday! We talked about having a higher sense of commitment, and keeping ourselves to a high standards so the people we teach will be able to follow. The thing about leading people to Christ is: in order to help people get there, we have to already be there ourselves! It was a really great conference :3

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!! I have definitely noticed a difference in everything this week. I will say tho, can you pray that our investigators will be able to start coming to church? That's been a struggle for a lot of them here, but we keep doing our best and trying to help them as best we can. That's all we can do, anyway :)

Y'all are fantastic! I LOVELOVELOVE you!!

Sister Nelson
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