Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm doing awesome! We are quite busy, but it's a good thing. Best thing. :3 Training is okay, it's still kind of weird to be... in charge... sorta. It's gotta be both of us, but I know the area better so we're working on getting it to 50/50. It's going well so far! I need to stop talking so much in lessons (wat) but it's goin'. Getting better every day. :) D'aw, isn't President Weston the best? I'm so happy he's my mission president. Is it weird to be proud of that sort of thing? :3

Bzzz Boink. Haha! 

NOT THE ASH TREE! T_________T whatever it is I hope it grows fast. That Ash was the prettiest thing... do you get to pick, or is the subdivision doing that? ¬_¬

Boo, I forgot John and Kathy were moving. But cooly! new neighbors! And holy cow, Indian food is SOOO GOOOD. I don't know much about them either - do they not like beef? I feel like Sister Brown would know a lot, she went over there for two weeks once. 

G'job, Matt! I knew you wouldn't escape from DPYSO :D I like that Kim travels there now too, haha. Good to know there's more Oswego bassoons in the works though :) I'm proud of my lil' brother! I think he'll be great. What did he do that impressed the other horns? We pick up fast in our family :)

*reading inbetween the lines* Did our basement flood?! D: get a sump pump in there! (that's for you, lyra!)

GO BLACKHAWKS~! *pompoms like mad*

@Bro Hawe I don't know that he knows either. All the stuff in there isn't online tho, so it's not something they can research cos they need to physically get the stuff. Y'know. Hoops. 

OKAY, so this week was sweet! Firstly we had 5 less-active members to sacrament this week - yayness! One of them, Cindy, is a super sweet lady with a tough background, but she loves the church and recently changed her whole life schedule so she could come to church more regularly :) She's fabulous n_n the others that were of particular excitement were the HAMNERS! (great name, huh?) omg we were SO excited! He got baptized at the end of 2011, but then could go much after that cos his prosthesis had issues. This week they found pants to fit him (cos without moving around, his waist got bigger :) and they CAME! we've been trying to get them to church for like a year, so that was a feel good end to our week. HOORAY!

Other particular excitement was we got a super sweet referral yesterday! Get this. We got a phone call from a man in one of the other wards, talk about how his mom was living in one of the assisted living homes in our area up here. Well, he said that he talked to this lady that was friends with him mom, and they got to talking about the church. She likes Mormons  and everything's she heard about the church, and- I love this - he said to her, "Shirley, why aren't you a Mormon?" and she said, "Well, I would if someone would ask me!" Sounds like something out of a storybook, wouldn't you agree?? So we're going to go start teaching her soon hopefully. And despite the fact that she lives in an assisted living, this member said she's sharp as a tack but can't get around very well, so that's why she's there. :) Miracles are everywhere! We shouldn't be afraid to share our testimony with ANYONE! Even short little testimonies. God is moving things forward, full-force, and we need to help out as best we can! <3

That's all for this week. Thanks for being awesome! And your letters and prayers- they mean SO MUCH! :3

Sister Nelson
With Sister Tuttle April 2013

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