Monday, April 1, 2013



Happy Easter! It was a good day. We had a musical presentation down in Chico, so that was what we spent most of ourSunday Evening doing. It was fun for dinner too, we went up to Magalia and had a dinner with a few of the active members up there (it was quite a party). Good times. Sounds like you had fun too! I wish I could've been there. I haven't been able to have Easter at home for a long time now, huh?

WELL, the big news this week is TRANSFERS! I'll let you speculate about that for a minute while I tell you that tomorrow,Tuesday, there will be 35 missionaries coming out, 8 of them being Sisters. That's a lot of missionaries! That's a lot of Sisters!!!! Last transfer we had 6 come out and we thought that was huge. Since there are so many more Sisters coming out, They're opening areas for Sisters up in Redding, which is the farthest north our mission goes. That's 5 hours from end to end in the mission! One of the Sisters that's going up there is leaving from Dry Creek, one of the furthest area south to serve, so she gets to hop from end to end :) Actually, that's Sister Tittle, and she was my MTC companion. Remember her? Anyway, since there's 8 new ones coming out Sister Loveland is going down to Dry Creek and I will be training. I'm super nervous, although calm at the same time. It's a strange sensation. Everyone's been telling me they think I'll be great, so I don't really know what's going to happen. ¯\[°_O]/¯ Keep lovin' 'em, I guess! Eep.

So anyway, things are going well here. Do you remember Veronica that I talked about in Loomis? (Maybe?) Well, she's going to get baptized on Sunday in Loomis! YAY! I don't know that I'll be able to go, it's a long drive from here, but I'll be sure to ask. We'll see.

I have a request, also. There's a MoTab CD that I really liked from the Hunts house, it's called Come Thou Fount. Just a thought for future boxes. Also a CD that Sis. Loveland had - I can't recall the exact name, but something like the World's Most Calming Classical Music. It's got a blue cover on the front, and a little globe. Two CDs, that thing. If you look for it and can't find it I'll jot down the title. 

ANYWAY, things are going awesome! This week I was reading Jesus the Christ, and I managed to line up reading about his last week in mortality along with the Easter week. It was pretty inspiring. I thought it was really interesting just how ironic things worked out - they were such devout followers of the law, but at the same time they broke pretty much every one of them in the "trial" of Jesus. Kind of backwards. It just had to work out that way, you know? 

Not much else going on. Thanks for your prayers and support! Thank you for writing me, it helps me feel your love :) Stay great! I hope it gets warmer so the asparagus pops up n_n
Sister Nelson

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