Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm glad the basement didn't flood. A few people have asked how the fam's been doing, so I told them to my knowledge the basement was okay. ¯\[°_O]/¯ But I'm glad that everything's intact. That would be such a mess, otherwise. (And yay, the temple didn't drown! *brick'd*)

PLAYOFFS! HAWKEY! *flail* who else made it? I saw Craig asked if the Canuckleheads made it. I got a letter that said the Leafs might have made it for the first time in a while, also- Did they make it, Don!? Also, are the hawks a 1seed like I'm assuming? so many questions, so little time! Did the Jackets make it too? I heard they were oddly close too O__O

See, you already know more than I do about the Pakistani/Hindu culture. Be sure to share with me anything more fun you find out :D

It's funny how sometimes we impress ourselves. I did they same sort of thing in my own musical life with the tenor clef. See Matt? The fundamentals are what help us out when panic happens! (stay calm, stay calm... on second thought, PANIC!) So yes, that's the benefit. Also dictation skillz. That's what helps too. :)

Lame. You'd think you'd be able to pick what to get. Maybe you can just uproot it and stick another one in there like you did the Oak. (Mwahaha?)

Yum, asparagus. There's lots here. I think about you when we have it with dinner sometimes. Are far as chilly across the country, I don't think California got the memo. Which is okay with me!

If you'd like my help with the song, maybe you could send me a copy of the words for part of their world (so I can remember the whole song ^^; ) and a list of things you'd need to include in a 72 hour kit. We have a few from the mission office, but I think those are absolute minimal. But I'll ponder on it and see what we can come up with :) 

This week was good! We had a lot of things happen that didn't allow us to get everything done that we wanted, but considering all the setbacks and whatnot it was a good week. We got to have an extra training meeting with President Weston down in Antelope (2 hours away *brick'd*) and we practiced extending baptismal commitments. President promised us that if we would extend our faith and ask everyone that we teach to be baptized every time we meet with them, more miracles would happen and more growth would be seen. As a companionship we decided that was something that we need to work on, so this week we're going to ask pretty much everyone to be baptized :) We are going to put our faith to the test! So pray for us that we'll be able to keep with it and see miracles as we do that this week.

I wanted to ask, also- it's hard for us to get a copy of the Ensign, although they are available. (It's harder for us to get them cos we're further from the mission office.) Do you think you could possibly send me a copy? :)
And I know you said you'd gotten the CDs- are they on their way? I keep looking for it, but nothing yet.

Thanks for all you do! I love you all bunches! Be great, stay happy, and remember the Lord :)

Sister Nelson
April 2013

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