Monday, June 10, 2013

FAMILIA! <3 <3 <3

How's it going?? Go Blackhawks! I was happy to hear about them and the Kings, and I'm glad they have a breather too 'til Wednesday. Are they playing MarioKart together again? Haha :)

Tell Paca hi for me! :) Is the MoTab coming to Ravinia again? Hope it's not raining. It is here today. It's nice!

Have fun at trek, Matteo! Don't get rained out like we did the one year I went haha. (Well, not rained out, just rained on. XD )

JAM! I was thinking about that the other day. Have we made much in recent years? Or have I just been gone the whole time you've been doing it? Oh, I didn't know you were trying corn again. Neat calling! That's a good thing :) Do you have a namesign yet? There's a lady in our ward here that teaches ASL and got permission from her deaf teacher to give namesigns. To the ones she's teaching, anyway. We're exempt haha. maybe someday.

Speaking of pictures, I don't have any this week, but I was going to send a picture of what we found in our bathroom on Friday night! Go ahead, guess what it was!
a scorpion. :D
granted it wasn't any longer from the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle, but still. a scorpion! in the bathroom! boy I was freaking out so much XD

well this week we had our lesson with Les on Friday, and we asked him if he would be cigarette/coffee/etc. free by Saturday (we're asked to make sure they're "sober" as far as two weeks out from the baptism). he said he would, and we were so excited until Sunday when he said he wanted to move it back a week cos he relapsed :| but we're still excited cos darnit, he's gonna be baptized! and he wants to be, so woot. he's doing really well though! and we're so proud of him ^-^ he keeps saying that this is all new to him cos he never wanted to be religious before, but then when we came to talk to him he just decided that it was something that he needed to get into. So... yeah. Totally awesome :3

Oh! Bees! Speaking of, we got attacked by a swarm this week!! we were going to help a lady with cleaning up her backyard, and I put my waterbottle down on a rotted stump while I went to go grab the yardwaste bin. I made it maybe 5 feet and that kamikaze bee (the warning bee? I don't know what you call those things) started divebombing my head and got stuck in my hair. At first I thought it was a fly, so I shook my hair around trying to get it out. When it didn't leave, I guess the swarm started coming out of the stump and the lady started yelling at us to run. Sooo we did haha! ran to the front yard and she started to spray the stump with a hose, and while they were distracted by that we grabbed all the stuff and ran away again. Quite the adventure. We didn't have a lot of luck with the bugs this week XD

Also, Jessie was out of town this week so we weren't able to meet with her this week. Next week, we think! She was at Oakland, and close enough to see the angel Moroni from her back porch :O anyway, we usually meet on Fridays at the church, but we didn't have our lesson and happened to be there anyway. We were planning some things and Cindi (Jessie's boyfriend's mom who's basically AMAZING) came in to see us anyway! She's so great, I can't even express how much love I have for this lady. Anyway, we were talking about things and one thing I love that she said was this:
"Feel that bumpy thing on the back of your neck? Your spirit is connected to that. Your spirit may be little and weak now, but your spine is strong, and your spirit is a part of that. You know what you believe. Yell it! Shout it from the rooftops!"
Ah, I love it! It's so true, and it's good to remember on a bum day. Or on a day that's 103 in the "cooler part" of town. *brick'd*

And speaking of that, it's been an interesting thing to me this week that everything we'll probably ever want in this life requires a great deal of sacrifice. As it says in one of the hymns, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." And it's true! We felt prompted this weekend to fast on Saturday, but we (unfortunately) ignored it cos we thought it would be "too hard", especially since it was going to be over a hundred degrees that day. In consequence, Les' baptism was pushed back a week. Now, we'll never know what would've happened if we HAD fasted... aside from maybe heat stroke. Or maybe not. Heavenly Father's in control of that, and if we're sacrificing for HIM, then he will NOT let us fail. Anyway. So I thought it was curious that I was taught that this week, but I've got some vinegar in me yet. I'm sure not going to back down now, and hopefully now when I feel to do something like that again, I'll have enough faith to just hunker down and do it!

Thanks always for your love and prayers! I appreciate it :) Stay awesome! <3

Sister Nelson

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