Monday, June 24, 2013

Dearest Family! <3

As far as "my version of dad", I basically just told stories the whole time. :D I'll write up a quicky version and send it in a letter at some point. I like that I've somehow become more funny since the start of my mission? Or at least come to a point where I've figured out how to say things to get people to laugh haha. I prefer that over any alternative :)

TRANSFERS! I'm STAYING IN PARADISE! :D :D So yep, I'll be in Paradise on my brithday. WINNAR. Not many people can say that, can they? Muhar.

Fireside!! So awesome!! :D LOVED it! I'm glad that you went to go see it! I don't know how I feel about the technology advances for missionaries- part of me hopes that I'll be finished and gone before it gets phased in here. But we'll see. I'm not thrilled about the prospect of doing all that, haha. I have other things I'd rather worry about XD (part of me really enjoys the lack of technology- is that bad? I think I just worry about continually being addicted to something with a screen.)

GWAR BLACKHAWKS. Yes I am going crazy. Trying to be obedient and not think about it, but it's not working so far haha. We will just have to wait and see! Sounds like they are evenly matched, so at least it's an action jam-packed series! Good for Q to keep Tazer off and breathing for the third period- sounds like they made do :) did the trick, I s'pose! *pompoms*

Hum, groundwork is good. Milk before meat- gotta get to a level of understanding before progress can be made. Patience is hard huh? But the Lord is working all over the board, just you wait :)

Yes, MoTab! Me and my companion love Rock-a-my-soul. So fun! We jam out to that all the time haha! I feel like it's been super long since I heard Sunrise Sunset- I really just need to watch that whole movie. Again. Forever agooooo. Life- it speeds by. XD

YAY FRUIT! Eventually I'll send that honey jar home. It was a nice one o.o but yeah. Before I move in six weeks, haha.

WELP, this week was definitely better than last! Sorta. We still had a bomb go off, but it was within the missionary sphere so the work wasn't too inversely affected. Anyway. This week we found two people to teach! YAY! One of them is Lily, she's 12. Somehow she slipped through the cracks when she was 8, so we're getting that off and done now. The parents are excited too- they haven't been to church for a while, so they're hoping the lessons and such will help them get back into the groove. :) The other is Miki, and she (well we think it's a her; I guess we're not completely sure, so we'll see) just fell out of the sky and texted us saying she wanted to meet with us to learn about the gospel O___O! we were like, freaking out and not sure if it was real or anything. (skeptical Rach for the fail.) BUT we're meeting with her tonight and going to get the whole story :D 
Crazy, huh? The Lord hears and answers our prayers! HURRAH! Also the fact that I'm staying in Paradise attests to that. I wanted so much to stay here for my birthday :3 So, selfish ftw? I dunno. 
Otherwise things are good! Sister Smith and I are staying together, so we're STOKED. We're either doing something really good or really bad together. Haha. :) Sounds like we're doing okay, I guess.

Anyway. Happy day! Hope your week has been going good :) Sounds like Matt had fun times, haha. Love you! Stay safe :)

Sister Nelson

p.s. did you recognize one of the skirts in the movies from the broadcast yesterday? I saw my pink one and I got ridiculously excited hahaha. <3

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