Monday, June 3, 2013


You're welcome for the long letters! Sometimes I get to the end of them and I ooh and aah at the length XD someday I'll look back and be glad I was as mega detailed as I was. :)

Zone conferences are usually every other transfer, so basically once every three months. SO GOOD! I love them :3 I've learned since being on my mission that I love learning and just knowing how things are, so that bodes well I guess. :)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! :D :D :D You're so ossum! ^_^ I'm happy that you are mine <3

What is Kevin's business, again? I just remember hearing that all the mormons work there, but that's about it. ¯\[°_O]/¯

If I were Matt, I'd like having things to do too.

HAWKS~! Oof I was going crazy all week long *flail* but I'm glad they sound like they're going stronger now. That's crazy about the Stanley Cup thing- I would not have even noticed that. *pompoms* So the Winter Classic next year? That I'll be home for? :D hopefully March turns out to be chilly. It could be um, different. Why aren't they putting it on New Years like they've typically done?

@Haircut: Yes, I did intend to say that I literally cut it myself. :D Pretty good huh? It's been two weeks already tho so it's already grown out a noticeable amount. I thank my genes. ^_^

anyway. THIS WEEK. super sonic failsauce! *double brick'd* okay, not ALL bad... but pretty bad. Mostly just cos a TON of our lessons cancelled and a few of the people we were meeting with decided they didn't want to meet with us again. TT______TT so yeah. woo.

I can't remember if I told you about Elder Bednar's CES fireside or not. Welp, if you haven't seen it yet, do so. Cos it's AWESOME. President Weston sent it to us to study (and he talked about it some at zone conference a few weeks ago), and it's really powerful. Do it! 

Anyway, even though all our plans and our hopes turned out not super great this week, I somehow feel relatively at peace about everything. The Lord is in control, and even though I always have more I could be doing, he's making it work for the best.

I love you! Thanks for being great! <3 I appreciate your prayers- they make everything smoother, definitely!

Sister Nelson

p.s. I sent off the skirt today. Also a book that Mike sent me. (Haha...) So you can just chuck the book in my room. Hopefully it gets there, I just put a bunch of stamps on it so I don't know if it's enough. We'll see :D

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