Monday, July 29, 2013

Super family!! <3

Yes, thank you! Happy birthday! :D It's been good so far, and happily it's been more like a birthday week than just a day. So fun :D We had a celebration with a family last Monday, and then we had another fun dinner (with the Sonntags) on Saturday, then a birthday dinner tonight at the park- we're BBQing :3 yay! I love this place. Can't get any better than birthdays in Paradise! *para-para-paradise!*

Yes, I did open the box early. Must've been the spirit :D the bread was soooo yummy! Thank you!! The honey went great with it! And I love the picture! So fun! I'll have to find somewhere to put it! Where did you get it from? And the skirt is lovely- I have a yellow shirt that matches pretty well, so I look pretty springy when I wear it. It's happy. I should've taken a picture, drat! I'm so good at thinking about these things, haha.

Today is a lot cooler than the rest of the week! For some reason I feel like Heavenly Father expresses some of his love for me through the weather. Seriously! July just typically has something weird happen in it that makes me happy. And the weather today isn't supposed to get higher than 85°ish! So nice :D especially cos we'll be having a party in the park tonight. Yay! So excited :)

Yay, genealogy! I have been getting so much more interested in that, you'll have to give me a tutorial when I get back. I blame the oldschool peeps in Paradise that are all awesome at it, haha. And the temple! Bah, I need to get back there soon! Anyway, looking forward to it. Best of luck hunting down some details!

Hurrah for Les! We weren't able to meet this week, but he finally got his license back so this week he drove himself to church! That was pretty exciting, haha. So things are moving forward. We're trying to help him in his understanding of the scriptures and the commandments and whatnot, since he's so unfamiliar with... everything. But he's doing well, and gets along with pretty much everyone :D so he's a keeper, haha.

We had some setbacks that made this week really hard (July and August STINK- everyone goes on holidays! bah), but Lily the 12yrold well be baptized this coming Saturday, the 3rd, and Miki will be baptized the week after on the 10th! Yay! So excited for those. :)
[[Who knows what will happen to me between now and then tho, transfers are next week. So Dad, if you send your letter to the mission office next week, there's a good chance I'll pick it up while I'm at the office next week, haha. (I have no clue if I'm actually transferring or not, but I've been in Paradise since January, so... makes sense. *shrug*]]

Oh! So, there's another couple we're working with, the Frenches! They are top notch AWESOME. I love them :D a little rough around the edges, but they are sincere and are really trying to follow the Savior. They were baptized about 40+ years ago, but due to some circumstances stopped coming. I love them! But we talked this week about tithing and preparing for the temple, and they really want to!! They've made it a goal and they are going to try to get there before the end of the year. Wahoo! So excited for them :) They have a lot of progress to make still, but they are willing and I believe they are ready! Yes! *pompoms*

Not a lot else this week, cos of people cancelling everywhere :| BUT we are going to do our best to make this last week our BEST WEEK! so it'll be good :D pray that we'll be able to find new investigators! they're out there, but we've just been totally uninspired of late. We blame the heat. Haha.

Anyway, I LOVE YOU!! Thank you for the birthday wishes! :D You are all the best evar.

Sister Nelson

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