Monday, September 23, 2013


How's it hangin'? Matt's birthday was a hit, it seems. This week was peachy :) We got to go to a baptism yesterday with Stacy! (We're allowed to go when we bring someone who's learning about the church- which is awesome, cos going and seeing baptisms are my favorite :D!) She REALLY liked it, and it was really awesome cos it was for a 91 yr-old lady who was Methodist. The lady gave a little speech at the end and in it, she talked about the long long road it took to get to the church (I mean, 91 yrs of floating around would do that to you) and I love what she said. It was a really powerful experience, definitely super great. But this lady said, "I've joined the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Church of Christ, and a couple others. But now I've finally found home!" It was so touching and so perfect, especially for Stacy. I loved it a lot :D 
OHYEAH! And it was fun because I got to see Sister Jones!! Like, Amira Jones from girls camp a bazillion years ago. It was trippy! I wrote her a letter last week and then I got to see her at the baptism- it was awesome. We caught up from the last 7 years of her life, it was way neat. So yeah. What're the odds that we both would've ended up here? :)

ohey family email, why so late? she sent it three hours ago. XD

@Nun: oh my, XD that is so funny. do what you can, I guess!

yay, cryfest! hahaha. speaking of the dough, we tried to add an egg but it didn't change much. it might've been too long or something. so instead we stuck it all in a pan and baked it- but it's still as crumbly as before. so now I kinda wanna get ice cream and just use the dough as a topping. haha. YUMMY. it's like granola, but a whole lot less good for you :D

yaay standards night! (I don't even know what those are anymore) (my high school experience was all soo memorable, can you tell? aha) sounds like he had a rockin' birthday weekend, then. who was the lucky one that suggested a 3ds for him? stinker. Haha!
the kitchen sink sounds like a challenge they have at leatherby's out here- Daddy Dave's Challenge- it's prolly a half-gallon of ice cream. Drowning in toppings, of course. That's typical leatherby's. haha. (also, I seem to remember if you could finish a kitchen sink, you could keep it. is that or was that ever the case? XD)

We sung in church yesterday! It was fun! Stacy told us to tell you that you should be proud, cos it was awesomeness. For real! We took Hymn #235 and the words to #292 and did that. (p.s. easy creativity = look up the meters in the back and play around with the ones with the same meters. winrar.) We did an accapella verse, and everybody was going crazy about it the whole day. It was great :D I've developed my voice enough to become a strong soprano. What the what? ;D yeah, the last verse I sung the alto line up an octave. so great! it was funny tho, I looked around near the end and was like, "oh geez, there are a lot of people crying right now o.o" so... I guess that's a good thing. One of the Sisters was talking about having me do something for the Christmas program.... I didn't have the heart to tell her. I told her to not count on us 'til we pass the transfer, so hopefully we don't break hearts haha. :)

anyway, not a lot of excitement this week. it rained on Saturday! but it was shortlived. loved it tho.

ANYWAY I love you bunches!! Thanks for being AWESOMENESS! I couldn't have been awesome without you guys :D

Sister Nelson

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