Monday, September 30, 2013


I are good! :) 
Yes, Sister Jones is serving her mission here in this mission also! Nifty nifty :) her family is in Idaho but they'll be moving to Scotland soon, apparently. Yay work! So yeah, haha. Pretty funny.

@cookie dough: well, we stuck it all in a pan and baked it, so we don't have to worry about raw eggs. and truthfully, it's actually super good on ice cream. so yeah. it turned out to be a success after all haha :)

aah! if she sung with the BYU singers I might know her :O at least by sight. How long has she been at BYU? in the ward? maybe she'll be in the ward when I come back :D when are their transfers and such, anyway? when I looked at the online directory there was just one sister listed, so maybe they're having transfers soon? excitedly, when I looked at the site I could access both our stake and the stake I'm serving in! so whoever came up with that had a good idea going. :) anyway. blah ad nauseum blah!
@playing when I get back: uhh, that one's up to you! I'm sure we could figure something out for Dec 29th if you wanted, but I'm not sure my tone will be fabulous or awful since my reeds are so skiwampus old. Yay! another thing to do!
I sorta found a bassoon- the director at the HS we borrowed from last year said I could borrow it again, but I can't call him or go get it, and nothing's happened yet. So... I guess we'll wait and see. Depends how badly they want to hear it I guess haha.

Oh, Dad asked in his letter about the Pulsiphers- when I saw them at the temple, I just saw Scotty (the son). Mom was at work I guess. Still, happy :)

Oh, Sis Tanner wanted to know if you could forward the picture Sis Lundberg (haha ;D) sent to you? If you don't know how to forward, reference your nearest son.  :D apparently they didn't get to the right place. yep. Thanks!

*headpats East* one day.

Yay, Women's Conference! Yay, chinese! I think that's my favorite thing to go out for. And I'd know, cos I've gone out to eat a lot. x_x *pompoms for conference*

Oh, story!!! We brought Stacy with us to watch the women's conference! Yay! This is what she said after the whole thing: "Boy, that Monson! You can really tell he's a holy man! I was a little skeptical of the whole prophet thing at first, thinking we'd see what he was all about, but oh my goodness! He is something else!!" :D it was basically the coolest thing ever! We knew she had a belief in Joseph Smith beforehand, and now she has a testimony of Pres Monson too! So it's really really neat to watch her progress from point to point :) I think she'll just have to decide to it on her own- especially cos she has a fabulous (or stubborn?) way of learning things at her own pace. We experience new realizations with her every time we're over with her, haha. And she told us she doesn't want us out when it's dark, so she basically told us whenever we don't have a nighttime appointment we need to be at her house so she can talk to us. XD sounds like a plan, Stacy. She's the light of our lives right now, I'd be so happy to spend every day at her house if I could haha :)

Things are going well otherwise! I'm also excited for conference and to see what Stacy thinks of it. Smooth smooth :)

Nothing else is coming to mind so I guess that's all for now! Thanks always for supporting me and being great :) It means a lot and I very much appreciate it always. Especially mail, cos that's just a good ending to a day! So thanks for being great and keep being great ^_^

Sister Nelson

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