Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hiyaaa, family!! <3

Things are great! :D
@facebook- we'll probably go to the library more, unless we can get a member's business okay'd to use. we'll see. Yes, it'll be using the actual page and hiding all the personal content- I don't personally like it that way, but that'll be the way it's done. I might just opt out, since I'd rather just go without it instead of try to stay away from the closer line. But, y'know. Issues. :D

@Granna- no, you didn't mention! that's interesting. I wonder if I should send her a Book of Mormon now ;D y' never know!

@other Granna- awh. At least she's a little closer to you now. Sounds like it was maybe the best thing to do. Is she in another assisted living place, or what?

@unity: we had that lesson in church yesterday, too! it's interesting, because recently we've felt like we need to have the ward be more connected and more unified in order for the work to go forward. the last few weeks, it's seemed like, has been on unifying ourselves. Also forgiveness, cos that'll keep us together too. Things are really starting to pick up, it seems- we really feel like the ward is turning in the right direction now, which is awesome! we have high hopes for the future weeks, we're really expecting miracles to start unfolding. :)

@hummingbirds: sweet! did you know they're quite territorial? at least they are around here. sometimes you might see one come up to the feeder, and then have another one come and chase it off. pretty interesting, huh? and when they fly close enough, they sound like a little jet plane :) there's a lot of hummingbirds out here too! we see them a lot.

Yay, honey! Did I tell you that my companion things that your honey is the best? (srsly- she hasn't liked any honey until I encouraged her to try yours.) So we're going through it really fast haha!

I asked if I could change my scripture on it- did they ever do that? can you do that? in case I can, I want it to be 3Nephi 5:13. :D

@senior parade: okay, even I don't remember that. was it just a wandering around with my parents type deal? cos I remember doing that. Haha. a magical experience, you can tell. granted, asking me with my missionary brain may not be the best idea either. 
Aw, my mum is so cute :3 you're making me all sentimental now, too. Shucks. (Yay, OE won!) I'm grateful that you're my mom- sometimes I think about the way we grew up and I determined it was perfect for us. Seriously tho- lots of letting us mess up, even though you probably didn't want us to, but you gave us enough to figure it out and learn it ourselves. I really appreciate that! It helps me when I'm with other people to just remember your example, that if it's not hurting you or anyone else, it's probably fine! That's kept a lot of nit-picky contention out of the way :)

It's the last week of the transfer again- did not this one FLY BY? I feel like I just got here. We'll keep you posted about transfers next week, but I'll probably be okay so go ahead and send me letters to the same address.

Which reminds me: the mission office asked that we start having all our mail sent to our house address, to slim down the amount of mail they get in and out of the office. SO, all mail should be sent to this address for the next three months:
6904 Walnut Ave
Orangevale, CA 95662

That would be great :)

Not a lot else. Stacy, our investigator tried to send you an email with a picture of me and Sis Tanner- did you get it? She's doing well - loves us and all we do. Oh! We spoke in church yesterday- it was really fun. You know it's a bad sign when you enjoy speaking in church haha. Um, yes. Sis Tanner spoke on faith and I on repentance. I got to talk about the Atonement too- my favorite subject :) it's fantastico! we got a lot of nice comments, and one gentleman even told me that he could see me talking at a semi-annual conference someday O__O that might be scary. Aha. 
We got to pick up a new investigator this week!! His name is Caleb, and he's 10. Win! His dad and step-mom are both converts who got baptized a few years ago, so now we're going to try to get him baptized too. His real mom wants him to know why he wants to be baptized, so we're going to attempt to help him understand that. :D Things are movin'!

Anyway, that's all for this week! Glad to hear things are going great! Know that I love and appreciate y'all!

Sister Nelson

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