Monday, October 14, 2013


How's it hanging? :3 I am much better- it was a weird sick cos basically my nose just threw a revolution and congested itself up like whoa. But my brain wasn't foggy and I wasn't achey, so I don't really know what that was. Sis Tanner got it as soon as I was on the upswing, so it was a pretty slow week for us haha. Sad times. But we did take things slower than we normally was. It was tough, actually. Bluh.

@Byu stuff- yes, I was looking at mymap. Just for fun I tried to add a class, and it told me I couldn't 'til my allotted day. So yeah. haha.
Yes, that's a typical length between people to register. I think they only take a week to open it up to everyone, and they do it based on the number of credits you have. SO the more credits= the earlier to sign up. Considering they only take about 7 days to open up everything, the 5 days between him and me is quite a lot. So yeah. It's normal. 

*pompoms for Craig*
*pompoms for Matt*
*pompoms for Paca* hey, I'll be able to make his birthday party this year :D right?

This week, like I said, was slower cos we were trying to recuperate as slowly as we'd allow ourselves XD But it is what it is. A crazy thing happened tho!
At the RS broadcast two weeks ago, this lady came up and stood next to me while we were singing the song in the middle. Later she said, "you have to come and sing in our ward!" so we laughed and said we would. Well, this week we found out just how serious she was. She called the mission president's wife to get permission for it on Thursday, called us on Friday to let us know, practiced on Saturday night, and then performed it on Sunday afternoon.
And the kicker was, it was all in Spanish. (*booyah*) So that was a CRAZY adventure, hahaha. All on a getting-better throat. Coughdrops were my best friend this weekend. We sung Lead Kindly Light, or Divina Luz in the Spanish book. IT was exciting, and those two semesters of spanish in HS taught me nothing if not pronunciation! The Sisters were impressed :) so yep. Be proud. Who knew that my average singing skills would outshine my bassoon skills? Dang non-portable instruments :P

Also this week, I was reading some of the talks from April conference of this year. I was reading about keeping covenants, keeping commandments and personal agency. I thought about agency and the choices we make every day, and how- though we make choices- we have no say in the consequences (good or bad) that follow. SO, I was thinking about that and the choices we make to keep the commandments of God. Of course we're promised that we'll have blessings when we follow the things that He asks, so good things will come. In essence, this is saying that when we CHOOSE to keep the commandments of God, Heavenly Father has promised that GOOD consequences will come. EVERY. TIME. It's foolproof! And, from the scriptures we know that when we do what He asks, He is bound to keep His promises. So, keeping commandments invites the assurance that good things will come. I love it! That doesn't mean that bad things won't come, but that's where the faith comes in- that Heavenly Father will make good on His promises no matter what we're thrown into. I really loved that from my studies this week :) 

Anyway I've been taking too long on this so I gotta go! I love you! I hope that all goes well this week :) Thanks for being great! <3

Sister Nelson

p.s. Here's our zone! If you can hopefully open it. It should be fine.

Zone Oct 2013

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