Monday, October 28, 2013


I am staying in Woodside! Sis Tanner is moving to Paradise, though. Weird, that she's going where I just came from :) she'll love it. She's heard me talk so much about it, so she thinks it's bizarre that she's actually going to MEET these people that I talk so much about. So funny :) She will be great.
My next companion is Sister Zoumberis! (It's Greek, if that helps your pronunciation at all.) It was weird cos she was serving in the ward next to us, so that will be interesting. 

Stacy IS amazing!! I hope you do get to meet her someday. She listened to the bassoon cd you sent her yesterday, and she called us all in a rave about how awesome I was. She said you were probably so proud of me, and I think you are :) she did ask though, "how did you have enough air to do all that??" it was cute, and quite funny. Maybe someday when she goes through the temple you can come with me :D
Her family (a sister and a daughter are all that's left) are pretty confused, and ask her frequently if she "knows what she's doing". And also remind her that they come from a long line of Catholics. But Stacy is firm and tells them that she believes it's true and that her whole life has, for some reason or another, been leading up to this point. She's had Mormons around her for her whole life, and she's truly committed to following the gospel. She believes in Joseph Smith, President Monson and the Book of Mormon. I'm so proud of her and all the steps she's making :) She's quite independent though and keeps trying to plan her own baptism (and thereby gets stressed out), but we keep telling her that we'll take care of everything XD so basically, she's adorable. And I love her. :3

speaking of "just do it", I found a talk you might like on that subject! I was impressed with it as I read it, so that was cool that you referenced Pres Kimball :D

@OE: no way! Crazy. I think just making the finals is impressive, now they can go home and be content that they made it haha. Props if they win, but Southern IL? Those are crazy farmkids down there, we haven't got a snowball's chance in Hades haha.

Aha, Mr Tham. I played Finlandia when I was there. I'm sure you remember that. Matt's group will hopefully play it better than ours did- the trumpets blew out halfway through the song in the concert when we did it. *facepalm* so either way, it will probably be better. :)

This week was weird. Just, weird. But we're excited about Stacy's baptism on the 16th! It'll be great. Sis Tanner will be able to come down from Paradise to attend, so that will be excellent. 

I don't have a lot to report, other than I anticipate that these last 6 weeks will be a difficult run for me... I'm trying to work hard and be obedient and such, but due to some specific things that I won't disclose at this time, I just think things are going to be a little bit harder for me this transfer than a lot of the others. SO. I just want to put it out there that any extra support and love that can be sent my way, it will be greatly appreciated. Cos honestly, I think I'm quite possibly going to really need it. So even if it's a napkin in an envelope with a quick two lines, I'd gladly take it.

Anyway. On that note, a lot to do today! Lots of packing and visiting to be done on Sis Tanner's end. Thanks for being great! We're in the homestretch now! :)

Sister Nelson

October 2013 with Sister Tanner

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