Monday, October 7, 2013


yep, conference was AWESOME!!! I loved it all. So so much. Saturday was particularly pertinent, don't you think? :) I was thinking Dad should put more pictures of the temple/Christ/family on his desk or something. I dunno what his workplace is life so what do I know :D *brick'd* I loved the talk by Elder Neilsen, he was so enthusiastic and hilarious :D I loved it. Did you see the fly on the podium on the Sunday afternoon session? I feel so bad for him haha. They were all amazing and awesome and I'm excited for the Ensign, although I don't think I'll get it in time before I leave haha.
Also, yikes, I thought you didn't ever cry? Elder Holland is so powerful, it's great. I thought it was an awesome relevant talk. We all have periods of that, I think, and it's true that mental illnesses are just as real as the physical ones. So I thought it was great that he talked about that. My thought was, it's so awesome that a living church talks about living issues. It's real and we know it! And certainly not blind or oblivious to it. That was comforting to me.

For the record, Stacy is 70. She's a cute lady :) We watched both Saturday sessions with her and she was remarking all over about how they were "holy men" and how much she loved President Monson already. We already had places to watch Sunday with, but she told us she was going to watch Sunday (all day!) also! So... we're anxious to see how she responded to all the messages from Sunday. We'll hopefully see her tomorrow, so we'll get back to you on that :) She's so great though! And, after Saturday sessions, we were talking to her and she said, "Now girls, when I get baptized..." We were flipping out :D I'm thinking she'll likely get baptized in November, so we'll see what happens!!!

So, d'you remember Sister Ripplinger? She was my companion over last Christmas. Well... she's going to be getting married in December! the 20th, to be exact, in SLC. So I'm curious about your input on if/how I can get there? I'm even okay with the train :D that'd be a fun adventure, I'm sure. Still trying to think of who I can take for a travel buddy maybe, but I'll let you ponder on that for a while. 

I got sick this weekend! That was an exciting adventure too. Sunday I had a sore throat, and later in the day I got a stomachache, so I had to lay down for a while. Today my throat is fine but my nose is running a marathon. So we'll see what happens. Boo. I hardly ever get sick, and then I went on a mission. haha. 

Also, I went on exchanges with the one and only Sis Tittle today :) MTC companion woohoo! It was really awesome. We talked a lot about finishing our mission strong, and made a new resolve to be 100% exactly obedient all the time!! So that's been an interesting new goal. Fun times!! We're going to be accountable to basically everyone around us, so that helps. I've found that the more I'm accountable to people, the more I'm influenced to actually get things done. which is a nice find haha :) always something to improve on!

I love you lots!! Thanks for the stamps :) and Dad told me about the email thing, so I'll brace myself in the next while haha. Thanks!!

Fight to the finish!!
Sister Nelson

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