Monday, October 21, 2013


@Music: we could do a horn/bassoon thing. we've done duets at the piano before. we'll shoot for something christmas related, since it'll be that time :P you or matt or both may have to find something, since I'm limited in my internet perusals. search for lds composers or something- sally deford is usually pretty good, although sometimes jazzy. Rosemary might have something too. you know me, I'm flexible. pick something and stick me with a day, I'll get it down :)

I heard about that book! Apparently it's really good. I'd look into it if I could. Elder Andersen referenced it in his conference talk in April, so it must be legit haha. 

Also! I went online and looked at my byu stuff, and it says I'm already endorsed thru Summer of 2015. O_o not sure how that happened. But hey! We'll go with it! Haha. I'mm gonna read the honor code and such again, just because I should. But it's all not too different from anything I've been living in the last year anyway :P

SOOO We have great news this week! (Ohmygosh it was the longest week EVER I felt like it'd never end haha but it was good!) On Wednesday, we took a super-awesome member with us to Stacy's house, intending to teach her about the word of wisdom. As is typical with Stacy, she likes to ask a question multiple times to see what different answers she can get. She asked, "why do I need to be baptized again?" We've explained to her about the apostasy, the priesthood, Joseph Smith being a prophet (and she already knows he and Pres Monson are called of God), and this awesome member just shrugged with a smile, and with all love and encouragement in her heart said, "just do it!" Stacy thought about it for a second and said, "Okay!" So now she'll be baptized onNovember 16th! WOO! We so didn't see it coming like that haha. That morning we had thought about inviting her to be baptized again, so that was just miraculous. We're stoked! And we totally know too, that when she gets baptized I don't think she'll ever go away :) it was awesome. She's been talking a lot too about how she thinks that her whole life has been leading up to this point, and I really think that it is. She's so faithful, and even though her sister and daughter are raising loads of questions about her joining the church, she believes and knows this is the path for her! We love her so much and are so happy for her :D

Also this week was Sister's Training! Yay! So all 62 of the Sister missionaries in the mission got together in Gridley for a conference :) it was so nice! There are a lot of them that I don't know now. But yeah. Lots of insight and awesomeness! And hilariousness. A lot of the Sisters in their lessons took part in President Weston impressions, and they were SO funny. Aha. I love this mission :) It's the best mission I could've ever gone to! Definitely the one for me ^__^

In light of that, there are two big messages that have recently stood out to me. First was to focus on things that are in my control (and results are definitely not in my control, so I shouldn't stress about those). Second, to "just do it"!!! If you think something, and it's good, do it. If you have to decide between two good things, pick one and go for it! Full steam ahead! or "damn the torpedos", as Stacy would say :D so fabulous. But yeah. For the last chunk of my mission, I am going to try to be so much better at focusing what I can control, and then do the very best that I can every day (even - and especially even- when I don't want to!). So. It'll be interesting.


Nothing else I can think of right now. Transfers are next Sunday, but I don't think I'll go anywhere. We'll see what happens! There's rumblings that Sisters will open up the ward next to us, but we'll see what happens. ¯\[°_O]/¯ always something!

thanks for being great!! I love you muchly and I hope all continues to go well and smoothly for you :) thanks for the support and love, I love it and feel it now more than ever. Thank you thank you!

Sister Nelson

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