Monday, July 1, 2013


Dearest Family!

Birthday!? Where does the time go? Bah. 

Yes, we met Miki! Basically she's been half-taught by missionaries in another area because he member boyfriend is down there. She got our number from them, which only half freaked us out haha. But she's doing really good already! She loves the gospel and the feelings she gets from the church, but her family is negative about it just because they don't understand. Y'know? They're just worried about all the untrue things they've heard about our church, but aren't willing to give it up in favor of what actually is about our teachings. So, meh. But she wants to be baptized after her boyfriend leaves for his mission in September, so she can make sure she's doing it for herself, not just for him. So we're just helping her along, moral support while she's back in her homeplace. So yeah. Cultivating :)

We can go do stuff like that on our p-days, but not many missionaries like to because it takes time! and time is precious on prepday :O and we don't like going down to Chico most of the time either, just cos it's oodles hotter down there than here, and cos it's time consuming. So we like to stay up here and play cards with the older folk of our ward :D anyway. 

BLACKHAWKS!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! I knew it :D they rock! <3 they seem to nail the game sixes, don't they? :3 BOLLY! *flail* I miss all the fun, maan.

Yay, EFY! Don't melt down there! We're trying not to up here- luckily we're in the highest elevated point of the mission, so we're not as bad as other places, but still. HOT. Anything over a hundred just feels like hot or hotter. Doesn't make any difference. I'm just doing my best to stay hydrated O_O it is what it is I guess. see picture for what happens when it's hot in our car like it's been!

Happy 4th of July! No fireworks for us; it's illegal in Paradise.

This week was good, despite the heat. Oh, yeah- and our AC went out over the weekend :D luckily we live in the basement, but still. Toasty. 85 in the house = not happy. It should be fixed this morning though, thank goodness. 

We decided to move Les' baptism to the end of July, which he was actually relieved about. He said he was okay either way, but it just gives him more time to adjust to the new lifestyle he's having to change into. He's 61, and though you can teach and old dog new tricks, it does take a little longer. :) but he's happy about it. His friend, Bro Chatfield in our ward, went to go visit with him on Saturday and Les commented to him, "Yep, these Sisters know what they're doing!" So we felt good about that, despite our hesitation to move the date or just keep it. All's well that ends well. :)

So I told you about her last week, Lily, and we had two meetings with her this week. She is aiming to be baptized on the 27th :) Yay! Good dealio :D She's cute. It's pretty awesome. 

Ummm I think that's about it for this week. Just trying to beat the heat, mostly. Sounds like it won't "cool off" 'til Friday, but even then it'll be high-90's. So pray that it'll cool off, mkay? :)

Stay great! Thanks always for your prayers and support- they mean everything :) Love you all! <3


Sister Nelson

July 2013
from heat in car

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