Monday, July 8, 2013

HIYAA! *tacklehug* <3

Yay, MO! I have to admit, I laughed a lot when you had your little remark of Adamondiamon ("it's a field"). Bahaha! Shouldn't be funny, but hey, it is. Glad you had a good time down there- how's Uncle Mike and the fam?

Yaaaay, baptisms!!! And marriage! :D :D Bro. Flinders mentioned them to me in one of the letters I got from his wife, ah! So GREAT! What a blessing. He said they had a child; are they not old enough to be baptized yet? Still, that means the dad gets to do it which would be super :D Recent converts are like, the best thing ever. Such strength! Do you know them very well? Do you have anyone for the Sisters to teach yet? :O Now's the time to be more bold than ever, what with the influx of missionaries. Not to say it wasn't there before, but it's a lot stronger and the Lord is preparing people faster now. And, well, I guess people are responding to it easier than before. SO that's a plus. 

Speaking of Miki, AAAH! Greatest thing EVER happened this week!! So we met with her on Friday morning, and we were talking about things and whatnot and I think we have way too much fun with her and the family with meet with. Much laughter is had :D but we started talking and she mentioned how it was only recently that she felt like she'd truly come to know that there was a God who cared about her and that she could honestly say that she knew that He lived! Awesome! And then we talked about the Atonement and things, and how she felt apprehension about accepting that because she didn't want him to hurt anymore than he already did. So we talked about that, and one way that I heard it described from the lady we live with was that the Atonement was like piano lessons. There's you who takes the lessons, your teacher who teaches it, and your mom, the one who pays for the lessons. BUT, by the time you take the lessons, it's already been paid for- so what you do with the lesson is up to you, but it'd be best if you used it to the full potential of course. But just that part that it's already been paid for- by the time we've come to this Earth our experiences (sins, mistakes, etc.) have already been paid for. We're not going to make him hurt any more or less than he already did. If that made sense. But she liked it and it was awesome :D so we committed her to pick a baptismal date by our next meeting (Tuesday). YAY! ...BUT, it gets better! When she went home, she was really concerned about her family's reactions and whatnot, just cos she didn't want to cause divisions. But she was talking to her gma about it, and she came out and said she was proud of Miki's decisions about the church and baptism and everything AND said she would come!!! AND she discovered she wasn't scheduled for work until 11 on Sunday, so she could go to sacrament with us! :D :D :D :D YAAAAY! So when she came on Sunday she told us she wanted to be baptized on Aug. 3. WINNAR!

Aah. So happy. :)

Our 4th of July was boring. Fireworks were banned in the whole county, and we were required to be in by 7pm, so we came home early and did a couple things before going to bed early haha. *brick'd* we should've been cleaning and such, but we were just tired. we're so bad. :D

Basically, things are awesome. And so are you! Thanks for everything!! I so appreciate letters and things- they make the week sparkle even more. :)

Sister Nelson

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